Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 533

Chapter 533 Did You Think I Would Never Return?

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Marquis Lady stared daggers at her, wide-eyed and wanted to continue berating but she was not even capable to completing a complete sentence!

Huang Yueli walked over and coldly looked at the couple who were lying on the ground.

“When I left the South Yue Kingdom, I had already told you to get lost from my father’s Valiant Martial Manor! Obviously, you treated my words as passing wind! Not only did you usurp my residence, you had dared to use the name of Prince Yu Wang and set up a banquet here! Was it that. you thought I had left the South Yue Kingdom and would never return? Or was it that even if I had returned, I could not do anything to you?”

Bai Liu Jing had almost fainted but when he heard Huang Yueli’s clear voice, his heart started thumping and he regained his conscious in shock.

Because what Huang Yueli said was exactly what he had in mind!

The fact that Huang Yueli had left the country with Li Moying was witnessed by many.

As Li Moying’s cultivation was simply too heaven-defying, most people had guessed that he was accepted in a reputable Sect, and his departure this time was to bring his unwed fiance back to the Sect.

And perhaps once they left, they would not return.

Bai Liu Jing was initially threatened by Huang Yueli and grabbed hold of time to shift houses, in fear that Huang Yueli would return and question him.

However the rumour was slowly spreading around in the city and when he heard it, he thought it made perfect sense!

Prince Yu Wang’s cultivation was extremely high, so he would probably not be bothered with the Emperor’s position in such a small country like South Yue Kingdom. Since he had brought Huang Yueli back to her Sect, with an innately sixth grade talent like Huang Yueli, perhaps she would also be accepted into the Sect and likely not return here!

If that was the case, what did he have to fear?

Since Huang Yueli would not be back to seek revenge, then her marriage to Prince Yu Wang might not be a bad thing after all. It had turned into an auspicious event!

No matter how you see it, Huang Yueli was the daughter of the Valiant Martial Manor. To those outsiders who did not know the truth, even if she was not close to Bai Liu Jing, she was indeed still her blood-kin niece!

That was why Bai Liu Jing was able to make use of the relationship to re-establish his standing in the South Yue Kingdom!

Although his daughter was not made the Crown Princess, and was in fact abolished, he still had a niece who was married to a peerless expert and that niece was a sixth grade talent.

With this relationship, who in the entire South Yue Kingdom would dare to look down on him?

Even if it was the Emperor, he would still need to show him courtesy!

When he thought of this, Bai Liu Jing was not flustered anymore. In fact he became even more arrogant and despotic.

Adding on to the fact that there were plenty of people who wanted to be acquainted with Prince Yu Wang so they automatically claimed connections with him. In this way, it made Bai Liu Jing to have an illusion as if he was the father-in-law of Prince Yu Wang!

For today’s birthday, he had even hosted a hundred table banquet. All the respectable and powerful families from the entire kingdom were virtually present to send their birthday congratulations.

Even Liu Yi Yi’s grandfather, a fourth degree realm’s Duke had personally appeared and prepared a large gift.

This had given Bai Liu Jing lots of glamour as he floated in the clouds.

However, just at the moment where Bai Liu Jing was most gleeful, Huang Yueli suddenly returned!

And upon her return, she had unrestrainedly struck out. Not only did she round up all his guards, even Bai Liu Jing and the Marquis Lady were not let off, all of them were gifted with flowery faces!