Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 534

Chapter 534 Strip Them And Throw Them Out

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Bai Liu Jing laid on the floor completely disheartened.

The minute he saw Huang Yueli, he already knew today he was going to get into big trouble.

But even know he already knew it in his heart, he had absolutely not thought that Huang Yueli was much more vicious that he could imagine!

As he bore with the acute pain, his mouth was mumbling to be forgiven.

“Bai Ruoli, I’m wrong. I shouldn’t have not heeded your orders and continued to occupy the Valiant Martial Manor! I know I’m in the wrong, and I will move out immediately, now! Please let us off!”

Bai Liu Jing had wanted to kneel down and kowtow in front of Huang Yueli but due to the tremendous pain on his body, he was unable to climb up.

Huang Yueli sneered coldly, “You just discovered that you’re in the wrong? Too late! Since you don’t know what’s good for you, I’m not going to give you the opportunity to move on your own! Mo Yi, help me strip the Marquis and Marquis Lady and throw them out! All the assets in the Valiant Martial Manor, they’re not allowed to remove a single piece! Chase all the other servants away. If you’re not able to do it in time, get Cai Wei and the rest over to do it will do!”

Mo Yi respectfully bowed as he responded with a “Yes” and walked towards the couple.

Marquis Lady started screaming, “You what are you trying to do? You dare to strip my clothes? I’m the Marquis Lady, a first rate title Marquis Lady! You dare to insult me like this?? Get lost, get away from me!”

Even so, Mo Yi was unmoved by what she said and under the slashing of the flexible sword, both of their clothes were shredded into broken strips. Following that, he pulled them by their hair and shook them till the strips fell from their bodies and threw them against the outside of the wall.

At the entrance of the Manor, there were several people who were here to send their congratulations and had yet to leave.

Even though such a sudden situation had happened and the banquet was sure to fail but these people were curious about what was happening before them and they were unwilling to leave.

Indeed, by choosing to stay, they were able to see such an exciting scene!

When the two bare bodied figures appeared at the entrance of the manor, everyone stared wide-eyed as they surrounded them.

At one glance, their eyeballs almost fell out.

“Whoa, isn’t this too exciting? Under the bright daylight, there’s someone who came out to run in the nude. Isn’t this too indecent?”

“What’s more, it’s two disfigured people. Their faces are just too scary, it’s full of blood. Who are these people?”

“Didn’t you hear what went on in the manor? These are the Marquis and Marquis Lady, they have been chased out by the Third Miss of the Bai family!”

“Huh? What? What happened?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Isn’t all because they are too shameless? They usurped Bai Liu Feng’s property and assets for their own and even tortured his daughter. Now the Third Miss is back to claim back her assets, they still insist on staying there, so now they’re being thrown out? Serve them right!”

“Tsk tsk, I’d never imagine that the Marquis would do such a thing. He’s simply too shameless!”

To be surrounded by people in the nude had already made them embarrassed beyond words. They wished that they could bore a hole into the ground and hide in it!

And now, the surrounding spectators had added in oil and fire, with words of despise. This made the couple wish that they could just die on the spot!

Meanwhile in the manor, Mo Yi had instantly searched the inner courtyard and quickly found Cai Wei and the other servants, who were originally waiting on Huang Yueli, were all locked up in the firewood hut by Bai Liu Jing. He had even starved them as all of them had been tormented by the hunger till their faces had turned sallow. Some of them even had scars of being whipped.

Huang Yueli’s face immediately changed.

“Bai Liu Jing really thinks that I’m dead? He dared to even touch my people. Looks like by throwing him out was too easy for him!”