Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 537

Chapter 537 Domestic Violence Again

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Upon seeing Huang Yueli safely returning, she was teary-eyed as she had a stomach full of grievances to voice out.

However, Huang Yueli didn’t have time to bother about her and was in a hurry to go into closed door cultivation.

She asked for Mo Yi and urged again and again, “Brother Mo Yi, I’m going into closed door cultivation now. I reckon it will take around half a month. If you’re not in a hurry, can I trouble you to help me look out for the matters around the manor? Additionally, my servant Cai Wei and the guards around the manor have some innate ability. It would be good if you can help to give them some pointers.”

Mo Yi naturally accepted the tasks.

“This is within your subordinate’s job scope, Third Miss please don’t worry!”

After Huang Yueli had settled all the matters, she set up an array surrounding the study room and locked herself inside, preparing for her breakthrough.

This round’s breakthrough was similar to the previous round.

Most of the herbs that were required to be placed in the bathtub to the boiling point and through the medicinal bath, absorbing the fire attribute energy to draw out the innate potential of the Flame Spirit Physique.

The only difference was the dozens of fifth to seventh grade fire attributed magical beast cores in Huang Yueli’s possession.

The energy that were stored in the magical beast cores could not be absorbed through the medicinal bath. She could only follow how the normal practitioners did, to move their Qi, crush the magical beast cores and extract the Profound Energy from within.

Huang Yueli placed the herbs into the bathtub and summoned the Little Phoenix from the empty space.

The appearance of Wang Cai was very glamorous. Not only did he bring along his favourite drumstick, he was also squatting on top of the little vulture’s head when he appeared.

Even though the little vulture was larger in size by several times, but it had no resistance against Little Phoenix’s might. Because the blood of the Little Phoenix was simply too strong, it was much higher than the seventh grade magical beast by several levels!

Huang Yueli saw the Little Phoenix sitting on top of the little vulture’s head leisurely, as if he was like a little emperor on a secret inspection and was momentarily speechless.

The corners of her lips twitched as she called out, “Wang Cai, you are doing well recently eh?”

“Chirp chirp!” Little Phoenix gleefully cried out, flapping his wings as he flew down from the little vulture’s head and as he landed on the ground, he had turned into the appearance of a young cute boy.

The boy’s gaze landed on the huge bathtub on the ground.

“Female Devil, you. are going to breakthrough again?”

Huang Yueli nodded affirmatively, “That’s right, quickly help to light the fire! This round to breakthrough to the second stage, I will need an even more powerful blaze that the previous, so you have to stay beside me to help add more fire when needed.”

“Oh, it’s like this..” although boy nodded his head, his eyeballs were rolling around in all directions.

Huang Yueli had initially turned around but she could feel that the little boy’s gaze was had stopped on her, so she turned around to face him again.

“What are you looking at?”

“No. nothing..” Little boy held an innocent expression, that big dreamy eyes suddenly sparkled giving off a lovely look.

However, Huang Yueli was not tricked by him and as she coughed lightly, she warned, “You’d better not try to trick me.. it’s not right for little kids to tell lies and I cannot guarantee that I won’t educate you in my loving way..”

“What? You’re conducting domestic violence again! Little boy suddenly jumped up and instinctively covered his backside as he retreated a few steps and hid behind the back of the little vulture.

Little vulture failed to understand and turned his head as the hair of its head stood up vertically.

Huang Yueli gave a crafty smile as she said, “Why are you so scared? Feeling guilty? If you did not have any bad ideas on your mind, why would you be afraid of me beating your buttocks?”