Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 538

Chapter 538 Hand You Over To Him To Be Taught Properly

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Little boy could not answer back against her words and after a short while, he replied with a stammer, “I I really didn’t have any bad ideas, ok? Look at my innocent eyes!”

He then widened his eyes even bigger.

Unfortunately Huang Yueli did not fall for his tricks and raised an eyebrow as she queried, “Really not going to tell the truth?”

Little boy gave a cold shudder. Whenever female devil had this expression, it means she was going to do something to him. And whenever he thought of the horrible avenues that she used to bully other people.. he immediately gave in.

“I was just. just looking at you.. because I was worried about your safety!” He replied awkwardly.

Sigh, although he was of royal blood and was a powerful divine creature Large Phoenix, but the female devil was too terrifying so he had to give in a little. Of course, he had to maintain the demeanour of divine creatures and not because he was afraid of this female devil..

Little Phoenix bit on his fingernails while trying to give himself various reasons to boost his courage.

When Huang Yueli heard his answer, she was shocked but almost immediately she recovered from it and on her face was an expression which was in between funny and annoyed.

This little monster. was probably still harbouring hatred for the last round when he was locked up for criticising her unshapely body figure so this time, he was planning to look at her nude body while she was doing her breakthrough in the medicinal bath..

In this way, was she considered to be sexually harassed by a little tot?

Thinking of this, she shot like an arrow to the front of Little Phoenix and lifted him up.

Little Phoenix originally wanted to hide under the feathers of the little vulture but little vulture was still her contracted spiritual pet so under Huang Yueli’s one look, he automatically retreated.

Little Phoenix had nowhere to hide and could only be lifted by his collar. His two short legs were still dangling in mid-air as he made an attempt to struggle.

“Let me down, let me down! You dare to lift a precious phoenix like that, don’t you want to live anymore? I will puff out a ball of fire and smoke you to death, humph humph!”

Huang Yueli sneered, “Instead of properly learning, you still dare to argue back! Your feathers have yet to be fully grown and you dare to harbour designs on your Master. Wait and see how I will punish you!”


Little boy was punished severely and sprawled on the ground while his tears were falling like a waterfall.

“Boo hoo hoo, I cannot live anymore! At my young age, I’ve lost my parents, my brother don’t love me, my sister don’t live me, and I’ve even fallen into the hands of this perverted master who loves domestic violence. Where on heavens can you find such a kid like me who was born into a tough life, it’s totally illogical!”

Huang Yueli’s mouth started twitching!

This damned kid, was so hard to educate!

She responded chillingly, “Next time you dare to look at your sister bathing, I’ll throw you over to Li Moying!”

“What.. you will.. throw me to him?” Little Phoenix’s face turned green immediately, “Wh.WHY?”

“Oh, you peeked at his fiance bathing, as a man, he will not take this lying down! I’ll hand you over to him to be taught properly. After all, how can such a fine lady like me even allow her fianc to wear a green hat? Do you think I said correctly?”

Little Phoenix was already shivering and curled up into a ball.

“Dd.d.don’t tell that fellow, II will listen to you, alright?”

Boo hooo hooo, he don’t want to follow that cold blood-thirsty man! Female devil might be scary but that man was scarier by ten thousand times! Just one look from him already made his heart unbearable. If he were to fall into his hands…

Little Phoenix trembled and his attitude immediately took a 180 degree turn.

He smiled obsequiously, “Master, didn’t you say you want to breakthrough? Why have you not started yet? I’ll start the fire for you now and I guarantee the fire will be very prosperous and you will be extremely satisfied with it!”