Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 540

Chapter 540 I Will Go Will It Do Previous Lifes Extra Chapter

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Even if it was only just saying, others would say he was overestimating his own strengths!

If a normal person was to do such a thing, the minute the magical beast core was crushed, it would already cause the Dantian to explode and die on the spot!

However, Huang Yueli was safe. Instead of the body exploding, there was a peaceful expression on her face, not even with a frown on her eyebrows. It was silent and peaceful.

A raging fire attributed energy dissipated but it lingered momentarily on the fragments of the broken magical beast core. Shortly, as though an invisible hand was leading it, the energy congealed into the straight line and gradually floated towards Huang Yueli’s chest.

Even Little Phoenix was stunned when he saw this scene.

“What! This can actually be done! It should be fake right? How did female devil do it? Flame Spirit Physique. Was it so perverse?”

When the energy dissipate, it would run amok and totally unable to be controlled. The direction of dispersion was also disorderly, similar to an explosion, it will spurt in all directions.

However in Huang Yueli’s hands, this raging energy became tamed and at a tug of her finger, it voluntarily allowed to be absorbed into her Dantian.

At the instance that the fire attributed energy rushed to Huang Yueli’s chest, Little Phoenix’s heart jumped straight into his throat.

He was really afraid that Huang Yueli would be hurt by the raging exploding energy and die on the spot! He refused to wink his eyes while staring at the bathtub, not because he wanted to see the beauty leave the bath but was really afraid she would die because of this!

Eventually, the truth had been proven, little Wang Cai had worried over nothing.

No accidents happened at all.

The energy in the magical beast core were totally drawn out and were slowly drifting towards Huang Yueli as she absorbed everything in.

Ordinary people, even for those experienced ninth degree realm practitioners, it would be a major achievement is they were able to absorb around eighty percent of the energy of the magical beast core.

Energy dispersion was unavoidable.

However, she had managed to absorb the entire energy in the Magical Beast Core, not even leaving any dregs behind!

Little Phoenix had been watching her from the corner of his eye and only when the last bit of energy was absorbed into Huang Yueli’s body did he heave a sigh of relief.

But he had not entirely feel relieved.

The reason was because absorption was just the first step. Huang Yueli had to completely refine the Profound Energy before she can convert it for her own use.

With this highly intense fire attributed ProfoundEnergy, for a first degree realm practitioner like Huang Yueli, it would be extremely difficult to refine it. She might not be able to refine it completely even after a month or two.

Little Phoenix saw that the flames below the bathtub was slightly lessening and blew another puff from away.

At the same time, he was overcome with boredom as he propped his head up.

Looks like this round they would be in closed door cultivation for a month of two. It would be extremely bored, and he would be bored to death. But the most important thing was his drumsticks were almost finished. Sigh, what a tragedy!

Little Phoenix was drawing circles on the ground but after a while, he lifted his head.

It seemed. something was wrong somewhere? The fire attributed energy in the air. was starting to go into a rage again?

Little Phoenix hurriedly turn his head around and when his sight was set, his eyeballs almost fell out from his sockets!

Because Huang Yueli had crushed another fifth grade Magical Beast Core.

Ssshe. what was she thinking?

Could it be that she was preparing to absorb another magical beast core?

But how much time had passed? It was only slightly over two hours, had she already fully refined the energy of the previous magical beast core?


Extra chapter Previous life: First Meeting

Thirty years ago.

In the most lavish teahouse of the Sky Emperor City was filled with various guests from the Soaring Heavens Continent.

With exception, all of them were powerful practitioners and they were of pivotal importance experts in the various strengths that they were in. However, in the Sky Emperor City where all the powerful experts consolidated, they were just another ordinary member.

The guests were huddled in groups of twos and threes, earnestly discussing the first upcoming tournament that was going to be held in the Sky Emperor City.

Sky Emperor’s first tournament was the number one famous pugilist meet in the Soaring Heavens Continent and only contestants under the age of thirty could enter. To be able to get into the top three, or even top ten, top hundred would definitely become a famed contender in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent.

“Have you heard? This year’s first tournament but the contenders are plentiful! All the top Sect in the Soaring Heavens Continent had people entering!”

“Yes, the Third Young Master of the Sky Devil Sect was rumoured to have broken to the sixth degree realm at the age of twenty! He will entering the tournament this time.”

“Not only that, the young Sovereign from Cloud Ocean Sect was rumoured to be a eight

Grade talent. And he is also a trio attribute practitioner and he has already broken to the sixth degree realm!”

“And there’s Jiuhua Island’s..”

Just at this moment, someone pointed to the streets below.

“Look quickly! The carriage’s ostentation is so grand, who is it?”

The crowd consolidated to the window and drew a breath of cold air!

It was because the carriage below was simply too extravagant. All the horses pulling the carriage were seven grade magical beasts and the bodyguards alongside the carriage were at least seven degree realm experts!

Such an extravagant style was simply too shocking!

At this moment, a breeze blew past and the curtains in the carriage was lifted slightly, showing the side view of the person in the carriage.

That ravishing young lady was just thirty four years old but had indescribable beauty!

The lucid and elegant shape of the countenance and snow white delicate skin looked as though she was drawn from a painting. As she quietly sat by the window expressing a tranquil and peaceful portrayed her even more like a fallen angel, as beautiful as a dream.

Everyone held their breathing, not daring to even gasp.

It was until the carriage had disappeared at the end of the street and after a long time before the crowd’s consciousness started to drift back.

“Wh Who was that?”

“Did you see the lady in that carriage? She’s simply too beautiful for words? Who on earth was that?”

“Looks like you’ve just reached Sky Emperor City? You don’t even recognise the young Imperial Empress, Huang Yueli, of the Mythical Flame Palace? She’s a peerless nine grade talent. At the age of thirty, she’s already a sixth degree realm practitioner, and furthermore she’s also a sixth grade Armament Master! In the entire Sky Emperor City, who doesn’t know who she is?”

“Oh, it’s Miss Huang! Then. will she be taking part in the number one tournament?”

“Ha, what kind of joke is that? With her power and that status, does she even need to take part in such a tournament? But I’ve heard another rumour, that the people wooing Ms Huang are simply too many. She had said that if she were to marry in future, the person must be the strongest in the Sky Emperor City! Only an invincible man is worthy of her heart!”

“This she really said such things? No wonder she’s Miss Huang, with her innate skill, it should indeed be so..”

“Isn’t that right! So that’s why in this first season of the number one tournament, many Sects with peerless talents are attending and aiming for first place! Prizes aside, the main motive is to show off in front of Miss Huang, in the hope that they will gain her favour..”

“No wonder…”

The crowd started to discuss enthusiastically and none had noticed that sitting on the seat nearest to the window was a youth in ordinary robes, taking in all the things that everyone was saying.

That youth was wearing a hood and had half of his face hidden. But just based on his jaw, one could tell that he was an extremely handsome and elegant young man.

Just in that short moment of time sitting there, quite a number of female attendants had walked over to chat him up, in the hope of gaining this attractive young man’s attention.

However, he held up an expression which deserve a beating, his gaze stopping at the streets. A fleeting image of the young lady’s grace appeared in continuously in his thoughts.

He consciously knew that no one could match up to his innate skill and with a handsome countenance, his eyes were always on the top of his head, No matter where he went to, many young ladies of outstanding upbringing would automatically turn to woo him, but he had never bothered about a single one.

It was until he saw the young lady in the carriage that his heart missed a beat and following that, thumping all the way speedily.

So it wasn’t because he didn’t find a match, but just that. he had not caught the right person yet..

The youth quietly raised his teacup, listening to the bustling voices in the teahouse.

Huang Yueli, Imperial Empress of the Mythical Flame Palace? Her name was indeed a reflection of her name. Her name was beautiful and her person was even more beautiful..

So, she likes a man who was strong and powerful? She only wish to marry the number one expert? Then he shall seat himself into that position and become the only man who was worthy of her.


Three months later.

The Number One Tournament that was held once a decade was won by an completely unknown figure. One who had never been heard of, a youth who had come from the border of a small city had oppressed all the peerless talents from the various Sect, and becoming Number One.

Henceforth, Mu Chengying’s name had been spread widely all over the entire Soaring Heavens Continent.