Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 546

Chapter 546 Drag Her Out

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Two guards immediately stood out and dragged the ashen faced Cai Wei out.

Li Xue’er continued to add on behind her, “Don’t flog her to death! After this Princess had dealt with Huang Yueli that little slut, I will send them both to the dungeon!”

Cai Wei’s eyes rolled upwards and fainted on the spot.

Now, no one could stop her.

Li Xue’er furiously rushed to the backyard and at the same time, she commanded the guards and servants who she had brought along to search everywhere.

Very soon, her men had searched the entire manor.

The guard leader reported, “Reporting to Seventh Princess, there are no signs of the Third Miss in the Manor’s rooms. But in the backyard, there seems to be an array set up in the little courtyard entrance. Our men attempted several times to open the door but were all repelled..”

Li Xue’er sneered, “Bai Ruoli is definitely hiding in there! Set up an array? Could she be in closed door cultivation? This is very interesting, if I were to rush in while she’s in closed door cultivation, will she enter the state of Qi Deviation?”

“Yes, your subordinate also thinks so.”

“Let’s go, this Princess will now go and whisk her out!”

Li Xue’er brought her men and reached the boundary of the array and there, they found another problem.

That was, the array that Huang Yueli had set up, she had never encountered it before so she had no way to break through it!

But she had her own methods. Li Xue’er immediately gathered all the guards and surrounded the little courtyard, and got all of them to attack the array!

No matter how advanced an array was, the energy level were derived from the crystals and once the energy had been used up, it would lose its effectiveness.

Hence, as long as the power was strong enough, it was possible to use brute force to break apart an array. Even if the power was not strong enough, if they persisted unremittingly in their attacks, they were also able to use up the energy from the crystals.

Li Xue’er was planning on this method.

From what she saw, Valiant Martial Manor did not have any Array Master. So even if there was an array, its power shouldn’t be that strong? For those guards to attack together, she deduced that it should break down within a few attempts.

However, out of her expectations, even though her guards had surrounded the array and continuously attacked it from day till night, they were not able to break down the array at all!

Li Xue’er frowned and started feeling anxious, “This is too freaky! Could this array be left down from Bai Liu Feng? How could it be so solid! Men, go to the Crown Prince and borrow all of his Golden Scaled Guards. Before day breaks, I must break down this array and drag the little slut out!”

A total of two small teams of Golden Scaled Guards were deployed and all of them surrounded the array that Huang Yueli set up and attacked it through the night.

It was only at the break of dawn when the array let out a soft “humming” sound.

Li Xue’er had persisted for the entire night and her eyes were starting to turn red.

But she had not be willing to leave a single step. She had yet to see Huang Yueli’s doom so how could she give up halfway!

The result was the array was finally showing signs of breakdown.

She immediately jumped for joy, “Quick, quick, quick, keep up the good work! This array is going to break down anytime now!”

Following that, Li Xue’er’s glance turned sinister.

“Bai Ruoli, just you wait and see. You made me expend so much effort! When I lay my hands on you, if I don’t slowly torture you, it would not appease my hatred!”


Within the array.

The red mist in the entire room was slowly turning lighter and the scorching temperature was slowly descending.

The raging energy slowly turned docile as it surrounded Huang Yueli, with her in the middle and in the dark room, it emitted a light red glow.