Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 552

Chapter 552 Is This This Years Fashion?

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Just from one look at the wound on Li Xue’er’s face and Huang Yueli already knew that it must be the doing of Wang Cai.

In her heart, she secretly gave that little thing a thumbs up but her face showed an expression of being slandered as she taunted Li Xue’er disdainfully.

As expected, Seventh Princess was infuriated by her and could not say a single word.

“Outrageous! Seventh Princess is the legal child of our Empress, and the blood sister of the Crown Prince. Their status are of noble birth, who are you to babble gibberish and besmirch them??”

Seventh Princess’s guards were unable to see her being besmirched and retorted sternly.

Huang Yueli showed an enlightened expression, “So you’re the Seventh Princess. As I was saying, you must be my Second Sister’s friend. No wonder you also like to paint your face in a gaudy look, is this this year’s fashion?”

Li Xue’er almost spat out blood and as she ferociously stared daggers at Huang Yueli and finally she snapped.

“Bai Ruoli, you’re simply seeking death! Do you think that you’ve just advanced and this Princess can’t do anything to you? Humph, this Princess shall let you see the difference in level between you and a real second degree realm practitioner!”

Saying that, she pulled out a long snake-shaped sword from her waist and stabbed towards Huang Yueli’s direction!

Li Xue’er was the core disciple of the Celestial Light Academy, and she had already advanced to the second degree realm in the previous year. Right now, her cultivation was currently at the Defensive Profound Realm third level!

She totally could not tell that Huang Yueli’s advancement had directly reached the Defensive Profound Realm nine level!

The reason was because at the peach blossom banquet that was held more than ten days ago, Huang Yueli had just reached the Qi Profound Realm nine level. This was something that was known to all because she had managed in such a short amount of time to leap across an entire realm?

This was not just freakish but rather to talk big without a manuscript!

Li Xue’er had naturally thought that Huang Yueli had just broken through the Qi Profound Realm and advanced to the Defensive Profound Realm first level!

Even so, she felt that that Huang Yueli’s luck was just too good since she was able to breakthrough to the second degree realm at such a young age, her future was limitless. Even among the sixth grade talents, she had outstanding luck and strength!

It was exactly because of this that Li Xue’er wanted to use this opportunity to throttle her future threat in the cradle before it was too late!

Li Xue’er’s sword dance was like a breeze as the snake sword shone out some chilling shimmer as it caused one to be dazzled by it.

As a direct disciple of a fourth ranked Armament Master, Li Xue’er’s long sword was outstanding and it was a fourth tier lower grade armament!

This was extremely rare for a second degree realm practitioner to be holding on to such an armament. Even if it was the Crown Prince whose cultivation was much higher than his own sister, he was not able to afford a fourth tier armament. Even when he wanted to purchase a set of third tier Profound Armor in the previous auction, he was severely played around by Huang Yueli.

Not only was the sword an excellent item, the swordplay that she was exhibiting was a Profound Skill that only the core disciples of the Celestial Light Academy could learn the Shadow Snake Swordplay!

Once exhibited, its might was astounding!

In that one instance, it had completed eighteen thrusts!

And within that eighteen thrusts, only one thrust was a killer move, the remaining seventeen thrusts were just fake moves!

Once one had been blinded by the shimmer of the sword causing a mistake in the judgement, one’s throat would be strapped by the sword!

Huang Yueli’s eyes shone as she smiled, “Hmmm? This Profound Skill is rather extraordinary, the sword should be refined specially for this Profound Skill right? Not a simple task, finally I have met a practitioner with some qualifiable skills in the South Yue Kingdom. This swordplay certainly looks impressive..”