Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 556

Chapter 556 Sit Back And Enjoy It

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Huang Yueli’s steps were graceful and elegant but in Li Xue’er’s eyes, she looked even more terrifying by a thousand times than a devil who had climbed out from hell!

Li Xue’er curled up even tighter as her voice gave a shiver, “You what do you want to do? Go. Go away!”

Huang Yueli smiled, “Didn’t you keep calling out for me to send my greetings to you? Now that I’m here, you want me to leave instead? Your Highness, aren’t you a little hard to please!”

Li Xue’er’s heart was extremely uncomfortable but she didn’t dare to rebut her.

The only thought on her mind now was to hurry and escape! Escape from this hellish Valiant Martial Manor!

Huang Yueli, she.. was not a human at all! She was much too abnormal!

Didn’t she just breakthrough to the second degree realm? How could she use just one move to injure all the Golden Scaled Guards? This was simply too devious! Too terrifying!

However, Li Xue’er used all her might and wiggled around, but she had only nudged a small distance.

Because of the fact that her arms were broken and she laid crippled on the ground, even if she wanted to climb up, she was unable to exert any force from her body so naturally it would be difficult to move around.

So she could only see Huang Yueli slowly nearing her with her own eyes, nearer and nearer..

Thereupon, she squatted down beside her.

“You. what do you want to do? I’m warning you, I’m the legal child of the Empress, if you dare to…” Li Xue’er’s voice started cracking up as she put up a brave front.

Huang Yueli sneeringly cut into her words, “Legal child… so what? Even if Li Mojun was standing here, I’d beat him up the same!”

These words of hers were from the depths of her heart as she could no longer put up with that hypocritical maverick look and she had long wanted to teach him a lesson!

What to do, she had not advanced in level during the previous days so she didn’t had a chance to do so, but now that she had already advanced, after Li Mojun had been taught a lesson by Li Moying, he turned into a cowardly turtle and hid himself up so even if she wanted to beat him up, she couldn’t find him at all!

Li Xue’er could not imagine that Huang Yueli actually had such guts to disregard the royal family status in her eyes.

In this case, she had absolutely nothing at all to threaten Huang Yueli at all.

Once she realised this point, Li Xue’er shivered more ferociously than before.

Huang Yueli gave a rather warm smile, “Ai ya, your Highness, look at the fright you have suffered.. I’m such a gentle and kind lady, why would I anyhow hurt or kill people? Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you at all!”

When she heard Huang Yueli say she “won’t hurt her”, not only did Li Xue’er experience any joyous feeling, her instincts told her that something bad was about to happen. Huang Yueli would definitely come out with more sinister moves which are much horrendous than being beaten up..

As expected, Huang Yueli reached out for a small medication bottle hidden within her sleeves.

Li Xue’er’s turn wide-eyed, “Wh what is that?”

Huang Yueli laughed, “This is something really good. Only because you’re the Seventh Princess am I willing to bring this out! Just sit back and enjoy it!”

“What is th….”

Just as Li Xue’er opened her mouth, Huang Yueli stuffed a pill in.

She wanted to spit it out subconsciously but her chin was held by Huang Yueli who forcefully stuffed it down her throat!

Li Xue’er was frightened stiff!

No matter how silly she was, she knew that this could not be anything good!

But no matter how she resisted, she still had to swallow the pill down!

Huang Yueli released her grip and Li Xue’er immediately gave out signs of vomiting, trying to spit out the pill.

Unfortunately, it was just a waste of effort.