Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 557

Chapter 557 Your Guess Is Right

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Huang Yueli stood up and clapped her hands calling out, “Men! Why isn’t there anyone around at all?”

Most of the Valiant Martial Manor’s guards and servants were injured by the men whom were brought over by the Seventh Princess and they were blocked at the entrance, so they could only watch from afar.

They had initially thought Huang Yueli would definitely come to a dead end this time but who knew that even under the attack of so many Golden Scaled Guards, Huang Yueli easily ironed out the difficulties.

Looking at the groaning Golden Scaled Guards laying all over the ground, everyone’s respect towards Huang Yueli rose to newer heights!

Upon hearing her summon, all the servants dragged their injured bodies, limped and hobbled over to show themselves in front of their Third Miss.

To be able to follow such a strong Master, in future. they would be able to bask in envy!

“Third Miss, what commands do you have? This servant will handle it properly!”

“This servant can also do the same, please tell us your commands Third Miss!”

Everyone crowded over, all talking together to promote their own services.

Huang Yueli nodded and pointed to two people, “You, and you, come over here!” She passed the bottle of medication in her hands to them and commanded, “The both of you bring along some men and feed the medication to the guards that the Seventh Princess had brought over. One person shall take one pill. After ensuring that they have taken the pill, drag all of them and the Seventh Princess out and using a carriage, send them back to the palace. Do you hear me clearly?”

“Yes, loud and clear!”

“Third Miss please rest assured, I guarantee that I will complete this task!”

Both of them accepted and very quickly they organised the team to carry out their task.

Those guards who were injured by Huang Yueli basically had fractures everywhere and were unable to get up on their own. Even their meridians were damaged so they didn’t have any ability to resist.

The few people followed Huang Yueli’s instructions and first fed them with the pill before dragging them out one by one.

Finally, there was only the Seventh Princess left in the study room who had yet to be dragged out.

The few of them returned to the entrance of the study room and looked inside while asking for further instructions, “Third Miss, this. Seventh Princess too, erm that..”

He hemmed and hawed, feeling embarrassed to say out the words “drag the Seventh Princess out”.

After all, she was a respectable royal princess. Under the eyes of those born as slaves, her existence was extremely valuable! Just the thought of being rough with her made many feel jittery in their hearts.

Huang Yueli however, did not have any of these misgivings. She waved her hand and replied, “That’s right, drag her away too! If you don’t hurry, the medication in the Princess’s body might just start to take effect now..”

Just at the same moment, Li Xue’er already could feel the strange feeling spreading within her body.

She only felt the temperature in her body raising higher and higher, her skin becoming more sensitive and itchy and her face gradually flushing red. It was as if a scorching heat from within was spreading from her heart all the way to all her four limbs.

She bit her lips, trying hard to suppress the uncomforting feeling in her body and stared at Huang Yueli furiously, “You. what on earth did you feed me..what was that thing?”

Huang Yueli’s brows raised as she replied, “Actually, you have already guessed it, isn’t it? It’s exactly what you think it is!”

“What? Y.What did you say? How do you know what I’m thinking? Impossible, you dare to feed. feed me that. that type of. medication?”

“Take what kind of medication?” Huang Yueli asked laughingly.

Li Xue’er’s eyes rimmed red but she was not able to say voice out a single word!

Huang Yueli lowered her head and whispered by the side of her ear with a laugh, “Um, your guess is right, what I fed you is indeed the pill that will bring a person to heat, and your guards had all taken the same pill.”