Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Im So Pure And Cute

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Li Xue’er was embarrassed to the extreme but facing a motionless Huang Yueli, she had no choice but to raise the volume of her voice and repeated what she said earlier.

Huang Yueli gave a smile which didn’t look like a smile, “You really deserve to be called the Seventh Princess, your hobby is really special. You already know that this carriage has many men who had taken the ***** and still want me to quickly let you get on the carriage! Aren’t you being a little too unconstrained? If others were to know about it, the entire South Yue Kingdom’s Royal family’s face.. will be thrown away by you!”

Li Xue’er’s emotions were mixed in between embarrassed and anger and that type of despondent feeling was simply indescribable!”

It was obviously Huang Yueli who forced her to say these kind of words and forced her up the carriage, but unexpectedly when the words reached Huang Yueli’s mouth, it became totally twisted and had the opposite meaning!

If people heard what Huang Yueli said, then they would most probably think that she was a shameless, immoral woman!

It had been such a simple thing, to teach Huang Yueli a lesson on behalf of her brother and her best friend but Li Xue’er had never dreamt that the results would end up in her losing so badly, to the extent of her reputation being shred to pieces!

She recalled that before she came over, Bai Ruo Qi constantly reminded her, “Don’t even look down on this Third Sister of mine. Ever since she committed suicide the last time, she seemed to have changed into a different person. Her thoughts are deep and frightening, if you were to belittle her, then you’d fall into her trap easily!”

Li Xue’er had casually acknowledged it earlier and didn’t take it to heart.

But now, she really regret her actions for not taking heed!

Alas, it was all too late now!

Huang Yueli had personally sealed her meridians and got her men to carry her onto the carriage!

In front of the carriage was a coachman.

When Li Xue’er got up the carriage, the coachmen followed Huang Yueli’s instructions and striking the horsewhip, proceeded towards the direction of the palace.

Huang Yueli wanted to join in the fun and exhibited her footworks, following behind the carriage at an casual speed.

Not long after the carriage had started on its journey, heavy panting and moaning can be heard from within.

Huang Yueli raised her eyebrow and turned her head towards the little bird sapling resting on her shoulder.

“Wang Cai, make a guess. Have they. started doing the deed already?”

The little phoenix covered its eyes but since it wasn’t covered totally, from the chinks of the feathers, without even blinking, his large watery eyes could be seen staring at the carriage’s direction filled with curiosity.

Little Phoenix kept stealing peeks and at the same time replied, “Female Devil, what deed are you talking about? That deed does it mean? This little lord is such a pure and cute Divine Magical Beast, don’t you dare to use your evil thoughts to contaminate me!”

The corners of Huang Yueli’s mouth twitched.

This wimpy brat! When he was saying such things, could his eyes first stop to steal glances?

Huang Yueli glimpsed at him and intentionally said, “See that little hole at the back of the carriage’s window? Shall I help to stuff you inside, so that you can go in and take a look!”

“Chirp chirp! Chirp chirp!” [Yes, yes!]

Little Phoenix excitedly flapped its wing and fluttered.

But after the excitement when he saw the ridicule in Huang Yueli’s eyes, he immediately hung its head down weakly.

“Cough cough, why would this Little Lord want to do such a thing? Female Devil, don’t be shameless and try to throw such an innocent person like me into that place! You’re so bad!”

Even Huang Yueli was defeated utterly by this shameless little thing, and remained wordless for a short period of time.

By now, the carriage had turned into another street.