Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 561

Chapter 561 Pretending To Be Noble?

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“Yes, to scorn the Emperor, the punishment is extermination of the entire family clan! Quickly drag them down and see who could it be who is so utterly shameless!”

“That’s right, drag them off the carriage!”

Although the Golden Scaled Guards expressions depicted a righteous indignation but in their hearts, they were extremely excited.

Such a heavy tasted living erotic chamber was not seen commonly. Now with such an opportunity, won’t they be in a hurry to see it for their eyes otherwise they’d lost out on it?

What’s more, if luck is on their side, perhaps they might be able to get a share?

Just thinking about this, the Golden Scaled Guards ran to outbid each other towards the carriage, all eager to see what kind of sexual scenario had happened.

When the curtain on the carriage had been pulled open, the man closest to the outside was whisked out immediately.

“Quickly take a look, take a look! What the had this guy been taking aphrodisiac? Look at how excited he is! Even after we have discovered their act, not only did he draw back, he’s still fondling there, tsk tsk..”

“Alright, alright, what’s there to see about men, I want to see the woman inside!” His colleague quickly interrupted him.

The others concurred, “That’s right, let’s see how the shameless woman looks like. Quick, quick, quick, move your asses!”

Li Xue’er was squashed right on the inside and on her were many men fondling here and there. Adding on to the fact that her arm was broken, it was very difficult for her to struggle!

Even using the Profound Energy in her body, she was able to utilise a bit of her Profound Skill to protect herself and had yet to proceed to the last step but the clothes on her had totally been stripped off in the process of fondling. Heavens know how much advantage she had been taken off!

Had this scenario had been seen from outsiders, she could really kill herself!

She hurriedly shouted, “Don’t. don’t come nearer. All of you scram!”

However, the Golden Scaled Guards couldn’t recognise her at all and roared with laughter.

“Hear this woman, when she’s in the act, she didn’t feel shameless at all. Now that she’s discovered, she’s asking us to scram?”

“That’s right, obviously a shameless bitch, still pretending to be noble? You’ve already been played with so many men, just letting us take a few looks, you should consider it as your fortune!”

As their words become more and more uncouth, Li Xue’ers tears started flowing, yet she was unable to rebute!

If she were to claim she was the Seventh Princess, won’t she lost even more face?

But if she didn’t lay claim to her status and were dragged out naked, that alone would be enough for her to kill herself by banging the wall!

Just as she was stuck in a dilemma, a Golden Scaled Guard who lagged behind lowered his head and took a careful look at the first man who was being dragged down the carriage. Suddenly he shouted in surprise.

“Weird, this man looks a little familiar?”

“Familiar? What are you saying? Stop disturbing, let’s drag that woman out!”

This guard started to become anxious and said, “He really looks familiar. Wait, I recall now. Isn’t this Li Si from the third squadron? He why is he here?”

Hearing that, someone turned back and took a few more glances then he froze.

“That’s right, I recall now. He seem to have gone out with the Seventh Princess to capture someone? How did he get into such a situation now?”

The Golden Scaled Guards immediately felt something was amiss and hurriedly took action and whisked every single person out. Every single person gave them a big shock!

Because all the men here were all their colleagues, members of the Golden Scared Guards!