Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 564

Chapter 564 Going Astray At Such A Young Age

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If this gossip was really leaked out, the entire South Yue Kingdom would thoroughly be reduced to other countries’ laughingstock.

No matter how much the Emperor had usually pampered this daughter, now that such a matter had happened, he was completely unable to withstand this fact!

From he and other people’s point of view, Li Xue’er’s power was at Defensive Profound Realm Third Level and she also held a noble status of a Princess. If this was something that she wasn’t willing to, who would be able to force her to do so?

At this moment, the Emperor felt strongly that she had lost her sense of honour and shame!

Li Xue’er was stunned from the slap and when she finally found her senses, she immediately cried bitterly to defend herself.

“Imperial Father, please listen to your daughter’s explanation. This is really something that I didn’t do willingly! Someone is out to harm me! It’s Bai Ruoli from Valiant Martial Manor..”

When the Emperor heard these words, instead of believing her, his fury amplified.

“Enough! There’s so many people out there but you had to pick on Bai Ruoli? Who doesn’t know that she’s just at Qi Profound Realm Nine Level whereas you are a Defensive Profound Realm practitioner. Yet you brought along so many guards, what were you trying to do? Can she outsmart you? I know that your Royal Brother’s marriage arrangement was rejected by her, and he was also injured by Moying, so harbouring this hatred in mind, you also wanted to take revenge on his behalf! But to speak without thinking, isn’t your inclination just too evil!”

The Emperor just couldn’t bring himself to believe her explanation.

Ever since the last peach blossom banquet, he found out that Bai Ruoli had been bullied since young by the Marquis Lady and insulted by Bai Ruo Qi, he had always felt that he done an injustice towards Bai Liu Feng, and that he had owed her too much!

Moreover, ever since the Crown Prince was injured, he had always clamoured about taking revenge on Li Moying and Huang Yueli so the Emperor had already kept vigilant on this.

He had never expected that Li Xue’er would go find trouble with Huang Yueli the minute she returned. Wasn’t the motive.. abundantly clear?

Now, Li Xue’er even claimed that Huang Yueli had set her and the guards up?

Li Moying was not around, as a first degree realm practitioner, how was she able to deal with so many Golden Scaled Guards?

How would the Emperor ever think that Huang Yueli’s potential had such a shocking breakthrough!

Li Xue’er was unable to find a convincing explanation to defend herself. She was unable to take it any longer, had a blackout and fainted on the spot.


At a distance not far away, under a big tree, Huang Yueli secretly stretched her arms and spoke in a springy tone, “Alright, the show is over, let’s get on our way now!”

Little Phoenix reluctantly tugged at her collar, “Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp” chirping non-stop.

“Female Devil, what’s the hurry? Until now, I have yet to see what that lady in nude looks like? Let me watch a little long, just a little longer! Otherwise, let’s move away slightly further to take a clear look.. ouch!”

Huang Yueli couldn’t stand it any further as she gave him a huge bump on the top of his head.

“You brat, going astray at such a young age, is that something that you should be looking at?”

“Woo, woo, wooo…” Little Phoenix shrunk his head back, not daring to speak his mind.

However in his heart, he kept thinking that this female devil had thought of such a sinister and vicious plot but he just wanted to take another look and suffered domestic violence from her? This was practically double-standard at its best!

Humph, the next time she and Li Moying got intimate, he must open his eyes wide and look to his content!

Huang Yueli swept a glance at him. Seeing that he leaned his head back, she guessed what was on his mind.

She carried the Little Phoenix and placed him back on her shoulder.

“Alright, stop wasting time. We still have pressing matters to see to!”

“Chirp chirp?” Pressing matters?

“Yes!” Huang Yueli nodded, “Brother Mo Yi had gone to the Thousand Treasure Pavilion since morning and have yet to return. It’s simply abnormal for someone like him. Something must have delayed him from coming back, or there could be an accident or something like that, otherwise he won’t act in this way! Let’s hurry over and take a look.”