Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 566

Chapter 566 Malicious Plot

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From her previous experience, Huang Yueli was very sure that the Royal Treasury was filled with Golden Scaled Guards and other experts and would be heavily guarded.

It would be best to proceed carefully if she didn’t want to make a huge commotion and got besieged.

Huang Yueli followed the previous pathway that she had taken before and found the air vent that she had entered the previous time.

She hid behind the opening and secretly spied on the situation, following which she raised her brow in surprise.

Originally, there were two guards keeping watch under the air vent and she was considering on how she could knock them unconscious without making a commotion.

Who would know that today there wasn’t anyone at all?

Although surprised, she didn’t hesitate and with a tip of her toes, she leapt upwards onto the ledge of the wall and made her way into the little ventilator hole.

She did not meet with any obstructions throughout the entire process and successfully infiltrated into the inner section.

“Stop him, quick, stop him!”

Huang Yueli had just jumped down from the wall when she heard a gust of flustered and exasperated yelling, as well as several mechanisms being activated. She got a shock as she thought she had fallen into some sort of trap.

Her eyes widened after observing closely, the result was: “What the.! Mo Yi is really here!”

Mo Yi was indeed trapped within the Royal Treasury and he had to face being besieged by several experts alone, and among those included the Imperial Tutor and another fourth degree realm practitioner who had always been guarding the Royal Treasury. Besides them, there were several Golden Scaled Guards commanders who were currently in the third degree realm!

If it was purely based on battle power alone, even though the Imperial Tutor and the rest had an advantage in terms of manpower, but with that alone to defeat Mo Yi who was both an experienced and skilled fifth degree realm expert seemed like an impossible task.

However they still had the upper hand!

In the Royal Treasury, various mechanisms were installed to protect the treasures and it was important to take precaution on every single step, otherwise it might end up in fatal disaster!

Mo Yi was not familiar to these mechanisms and he knew nothing about the topography of the Royal Treasury.

On one end, the Imperial Tutor and others were attacking him with all their might, while on the other hand, they were activating the mechanisms in the Royal Treasury. This had caused various obstacles to Mo Yi.

Although Mo Yi’s power was much strong than them on an entire level, but the mechanisms were extremely powerful and had was caught unprepared several times. When this had dragged on, he gradually found it hard to deal with and subsequently fell into a disadvantage.

The Imperial Tutor’s face expressed boundless pleasure, “Everyone hold on, this deceitful thief is not going to hold on much longer! Everyone listen to my commands. Let’s quickly take him down and hand him over to the Crown Prince! Crown Prince will definitely reward you handsomely!”

All those present were under the Crown Prince’s personal doctrine hence all of them had the same thoughts in mind and hastened the rhythm of their attacks.

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes and after observing for a short while, she came to an understanding.

It looked like while the Crown Prince was escaping, he had brought along the treasures and lured Mo Yi to the inside of the Royal Treasury. On one hand, it was to borrow the powers of the mechanisms and guards to capture Mo Yi while on the other hand, there was a malicious plot brewing!

Mo Yi was Li Moying’s bodyguard and if he were caught intruding into the Royal Treasury with the intention to steal, it would definitely affect Li Moying’s reputation. In this way, Crown Prince could successfully discredit Li Moying, and smear his reputation, while regaining fame for himself!

Besides that, if Crown Prince were to take Mo Yi away from her, Li Xue’er would be able to grab this opportunity to find trouble with Huang Yueli at the Valiant Martial Manor.