Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 568

Chapter 568 Played Around By The Will Of Heaven

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Since the current situation was advantageous to him, with Mo Yi’s abundant experience in battle, he naturally would not miss such a wonderful opportunity.

He immediately worked up his cultivation method and displaying his Profound Skill, the flexible sword in his hands waltzed out streams of blinding lightning-like sword glimmer. His Profound Energy was of spectacular significance as his attacks were directed towards the Imperial Tutor and the others!

Imperial Tutor and the rest were using all their might to avoid the densely falling hailstones and next up was a series of full-strength attacks from a fifth degree realm practitioner. What was more fraudulent was they would also suffer sneak attacks from Huang Yueli time to time.

Under three simultaneous avenues, they were unable to ward of blows.

Very soon, all of their meridians on their hands and feet were severed by Mo Yi and they fell onto the floor, unable to get up.

And just at the instance that they had fallen, the hailstones that had continuously been dropping on their heads suddenly stopped.

Upon seeing this situation, the heartbeats of the Imperial Tutor and others almost came to a halt.

Did it needed to be so deceptive? Who among them didn’t grew eyes and switched on the mechanism? Why was it such a coincidence? And it had to stop right now!

If it had stopped a quarter of an hour earlier, they would not have been checkmated one after one!

At the same time, their hearts were annoyed beyond words: If they had known earlier and just persevered just a little longer, if they could persevere just a quarter of an hour more, to avoid a few more strikes and the hailstones would have stopped. By then, they would be able to turn defeat into victory!

Sigh, why didn’t they just persever just a little more earlier!

However, what they didn’t knew was the stopping of the hailstones was actually controlled by Huang Yueli in the background and no matter how long more they had persevered, as long as they did not fall, the falling hailstones would naturally not stop.

After Mo Yi had defeated all the enemies, he hurriedly turned around to search for the person who had been aiding him in secret.

Huang Yueli slowly walked out from a corner, bearing a faint smile on her face.

“Third Miss.. it’s you!” Mo Yi hastily bowed.

Imperial Tutor’s eyes super wide as he stared daggers at her, “Bai.. Bai Ruoli??”

Huang Yueli nodded towards Mo Yi to acknowledge his greeting and turned her gaze towards the Imperial Tutor as her slips surfaced a frosty smile.

“Imperial Tutor, how have you been? Ever since we last met at the peach blossom banquet, I thought that we would never cross paths ever again. After all, I am a six grade talent and you are just a pass old man who’s almost dying, so we’re not on the same route! God knows, we’re played around by the will of heavens that we have crossed paths so soon again, so this is quite a surprise!”

Imperial Tutor was choked by her words that his entire face turned red with fury and embarrassment.

This wretched lass, every single time she opened her mouth, it would spill out words which would infuriate one to spit blood out!

And to make it worse, one was not able to rebut whatever she had said!

The reason was because every word she had said was the truth and only because it was the truth, it was unbearable, as though stepping down hard on other’s open wounds!

Saying that he was a “pass old man” and they were “not on the same route”?

Although the words were unpleasant to hear, but the Imperial Tutor had indeed, during recent times, felt that he would not be able to live much longer. As for Huang Yueli, she had just revealed her outstanding talent, like the sun in midday, sooner or later she would gradually ascend to become a shining star!

They. were indeed incomparable!

The Imperial Tutor gasped a couple of breaths before he forcefully opened his mouth, “You. you wretched lass who doesn’t know how to show your respects to your seniors, I am the Imperial Tutor and even the Emperor have to show respect to me. What’s more when your father was still in the South Yue Kingdom, he would greet me as his senior. Is this how you talk to me?”