Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 571

Chapter 571 Like A Street Rat

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Imperial Tutor had not understood her well and didn’t knew that danger was lurking nearby as he continued to scream and shout in an attempt to threaten Huang Yueli.

Mo Yi had begun to grieve silently for the Imperial Tutor in his heart.

Huang Yueli thought for a moment and suddenly her eyes shone brightly as she said, “That’s right, I recalled! As I was saying, someone seems to be missing here, so it’s the Crown Prince! Today’s plot was schemed by him single-handedly and in the end, he escaped alone? Where on earth would you find such a good deal?”

Mo Yi responded, “What is Third Miss planning to do?”

Huang Yueli replied, “Help me capture Li Mojun here, I have my own plans.”

When Mo Yi heard what Huang Yueli said, he didn’t move out immediately. Instead he hesitated for a moment and replied, “Third Miss, this.. isn’t too good an idea? These fellows here are all third and fourth degree realm practitioners. Although I have already struck their meridians but if anything were to happen and you being here alone, it would be very dangerous!”

Huang Yueli laughed and said, “No issue, don’t worry about it. Such a small matter, I’m still able to handle it myself!”

However Mo Yi didn’t move an inch.

He naturally knew that this Third Miss had heaven-defying tricks up her sleeves and was extremely awesome but he was already worried that she might belittle her enemy and cause a mishap because of that.

What’s more, since the practitioners here are much higher than her level by several realms, if anyone had any secret method to remove the restriction, then Huang Yueli would not be able to handle it!

Huang Yueli looked at his troubled expression and smiled while shaking her head, “Aiya, Brother Mo Yi, you actually don’t believe in me! Alright, I’ll just clamp them up together!”

“Clamp them up together?” Mo Yi was filled with bewilderment.

What did that mean?

The very next moment, his mouth turned into an O shape.

Huang Yueli outstretched her hand and pressed on the wall. Hearing a “bam” sound, the two huge metal rows of teeth on the two sides of the wall swung ferociously towards the middle to join together, like a rat trap, and clamped those people right in the middle.


“So painful!”

The clamp was originally very tight and was meant for one person only but now that it was clamping so many people at one time, all of them were squeezed into a bundle, only feeling that their ribs were almost being smashed into pieces and all of them began groaning one after another.

A few sweat beads started to fall from Mo Yi’s forehead.

No wonder Third Miss warned him not to step over that piece of brick, so.. there was such a sinister mechanism hidden..

Just a little bit more, he would have been like a street rat and the person who was clipped there would have been him!

But looking at the current situation, he was relieved.

In this heavily mechanised treasury, such a high level Armament Master like Huang Yueli would probably be much safer than a fifth degree realm practitioner like him, so he really didn’t need to worry much for her.

Mo Yi bumped his fist towards Huang Yueli as a form of respect, turned and left towards the east palace wing to capture the Crown Prince.

Huang Yueli had nothing to do since she was all alone in the Royal Treasury.

She took a tour on the fifth floor of the Treasure Pavilion and removed all the treasures kept in several rooms and kept it into her own realm ring.

As she was keeping it, she discontentedly criticised, “Sign, this South Yue Kingdom is really poor! When I came the last round, there were several not bad looking treasures, but after those had been removed, there’s no additional new pieces and what’s left are just these junk..”

Huang Yueli mumbled her complains in a whisper and her tone was not high but in the Imperial Tutor’s ears, it made his heart tremble tremendously!

“SSo the thief who had stolen away a huge amount of treasures in the Royal Treasury just over a month ago… was you!”