Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 575

Chapter 575 Only Marry The Number One Expert

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“Bai Bai Ruoli. You. just. it’s you..”

Crown Prince spat out another mouthful of blood but he still blurted out these words vaguely.

He had seen Huang Yueli struck earlier and had felt for himself that huge resistance which he was able to go against but it was until the minute he had fell heavily injured on the ground, did he finally realised that he was unable to react at all!

It was simply unbelievable! Absolutely an impossible thing to have happened!

If it wasn’t for the bouts of pain reverberating from his body which made him believe that he was still conscious, Crown Prince would have definitely thought that he was still in dreamland, having a nightmare!

He was a Defensive Profound Realm seven stage practitioner!

As for Huang Yueli, she was only in Qi Profound Realm nine stage!

With such a huge difference of realm between the two of them, it was practically impossible to bypass ranks and challenge him. No matter how abnormal Huang Yueli’ innate gift was, even if she had done a breakthrough recently, she should also be in Defensive Profound Realm first stage. How was it possible that she had the power to battle against him?

But fact had proven itself, she had not battled him, but. had completed crushed him! He could not even withstand one stance from Huang Yueli and he had already been injured to this stage!

How was that possible?

Crown Prince was still puzzled after much thought.

Huang Yueli had started to speak in a frosty tone, “Want me to follow you? The man I want must be the strongest, undefeatable and peerless expert. As for you? Have you even taken a look at your own reflection to see if you’re worthy!”

Upon hearing that, Li Mojun couldn’t help but spat out another mouthful of blood.

He had never been despised by any woman in his entire lifetime but unfortunately, the person who had been beaten to the ground by Huang Yueli was him!

It was entirely justified when Huang Yueli said he wasn’t worthy!

Huang Yueli looked at how angry Li Mojun had gotten, to the point of almost fainting, and a chilling smile appeared slightly.

Her wish had never changed since thirty years ago and that person in her heart. had long became Soaring Heavens Continent’s number one expert! Just a small character like Crown Prince and he expected her to be his concubine?

Mo Yi was listening by the side and his mouth had long agape and tongue-tied.

Third Miss had really dared to claim! Could she be telling the truth?

Only marry the strongest, undefeatable and peerless expert? If his Master were to hear these, he wondered what he would think?

Although his Master had an incredible innate gift, but he was still after all pretty young. For now, the distance between him and the number one expert spot was still rather far apart!

“Brother Mo Yi! … Brother Mo Yi, what are you thinking about?”

Huang Yueli’s calling woke Mo Yi from his trance.

He hurriedly recovered his sensed as he spoke respectfully, “My apologies Third Miss. Your subordinate had been absent-minded. Is there anything you need me to do?”

Huang Yueli threw a glance at Li Mojun and smilingly said, “Crown Prince had been bedridden for too long so when he stood up, his brain couldn’t cope! As an heir apparent to the throne, how can he be so muddle-headed? Why not we give him a helping hand and let him continue to lie in bed for a while more!”

“.. Yes!” Mo Yi was stunned for a moment before he managed to react.

Huang Yueli had intended to severe Li Mojun’s meridians again.

Unfortunately, although her battle skills were outstanding and could defeat Li Mojun easily, but she was after all just in second degree realm. She was unable to be like Li Moying to achieve the effect of severing the meridians of Li Mojun. Only experts who were several realms higher could do that.

So this dirty and strenuous work had not fallen onto Mo Yi again!

Mo Yi resignedly walked over and squatted down beside Li Mojun. As he pressed against Li Mojun’s arm, he gradually imbued his Profound Energy.

Not sure if it was due to his weak ability or was it done intentionally, when the process of severing the meridians was done by Mo Yi, it was done at a snail pace speed.