Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 577

Chapter 577 The Torment Within

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“II. how would I know what would he want to do?”

Crown Prince’s was tongue-tied and didn’t know how to reply to that!

At the peach blossom banquet, Li Moying’s attitude towards him had been normal.

Crown Prince had thought that even though he had tried to murder Li Moying when he was young, but since Li Moying was just a piece of trash and his life or death was determined by him, his royal brother’s mood, so naturally he would not exact revenge.

It was until Crown Prince had almost injured Huang Yueli that Li Moying finally flew into a rage and shattered his meridians in just one blow!

Crown Prince had also retrospect on this matter. Since Li Moying was able to cultivate long ago, and since his cultivation was so high, why did he restrain his emotions for so many years and not flared up?

Was it because of that near death incident when he was only six years old, that fever which had burnt up so badly that his previous memories had been forgotten?

However, upon hearing Huang Yueli’s words, Crown Prince suddenly realized that not only did Li Moying didn’t lose his memories and had not forgotten everything in the past, he had even related his part to his fiance!

Since that was the case, why would he let him get off scot free for so many years?

Huang Yueli looked at his terrified expression and as a flush of elatedness rushed up, a sliver of grief welled up too!

Just thinking back about how Li Moying had suffered under this man in front of her, she was unable to control the heartache and fury building up within her!

She coldly sneered, “That was because.. before Empress Ming passed on, she had made him swear to heavens that he would definitely not do anything to fight against his siblings, and break your Imperial Father’s heart! Otherwise, did you think you can live until today?”

Upon hearing these, besides being shocked, Crown Prince suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

It turned out that Empress Ming had deeply loved their Imperial Father so much that she even made her own son took such an oath.

Since that was the case, doesn’t it mean that no matter under what condition, Li Moying would not be able to kill him? This was equivalent to an amnesty medal!

No matter how powerful Li Moying was or how high his cultivation went, under the restriction of such an oath, he had nothing to fear!

After all, to stand by one’s oath was extremely important to practitioners. If news were to leak out, one would be despised by everyone under the heavens!

There was finally some life on Crown Prince’s pale face, “Bai Ruoli, since that’s the case, you aren’t you going to release me? Don’t tell me you’re going to go against the oath and kill me instead?”

Crown Prince had thought that since he had fallen into Huang Yueli’s hands this round, he would definitely end up dead. He had never expected that she could not do anything to him!

With this thought in mind, he relaxed slightly.

However Huang Yueli sneered chillingly, “Crown Prince, don’t you think you’ve set your mind at ease too soon? The person who swore that he would not take your life. Is Li Moying, not me! Since he can’t put his hands to it, I’m very happy to share his worries for him!”

“You..” Crown Prince instantly sprouted a headful of sweat!

“What do you want? You’re his fiance. If you were to kill me and word leaks out, the debt will ultimately fall back onto Li Moying and he will still despised by everyone!”

“So what?” Huang Yueli replied disapprovingly. “I will kill whoever I want to, even if it’s Li Moying, he will not be able to control me!”

The fear that Crown Prince had felt had risen to the peak!

Furthermore, the torment within his heart was much more serious that his physical injuries!

He had a feeling that Huang Yueli was enjoying his panic-stricken expression so she had been making a fool out of him!

Every single time, she would give him a little hope thinking that he would be able to escape unscathed but immediately after that, she would crush that hope to pieces!