Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 579

Chapter 579 Have You Thought Of Going To Look For Him?

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Imperial Tutor was very clear that the self-destruction mechanism in the Royal Treasury was an extremely top-secret information and it wasn’t until the demise of the entire country before it would be activated.

So the only person who knew how to activate the self-destruction mechanism was the Emperor.

Even the Crown Prince was not qualified to get associated with this top-secret information so naturally Imperial Tutor did not know any better.

But now, this mechanism had suddenly been activated!

How did Huang Yueli get to know of this top-secret? How could she possibly activate the self-destruction mechanism? Surely it could not been told to her by the Emperor personally right? No, this was impossible..

Or could it be that the Emperor had already decided to leave the position of Crown Prince to Prince Yu Wang so he conveyed the top-secret information to him and Prince Yu Wang let the information out to Huang Yueli?

The more Imperial Tutor thought, the more flustered he became.

But to him, the most important thing now was to quickly escape from the clamp and from this hellish place, otherwise not only him, even the Crown Prince. would be going to die here today!

He spoke with a gloomy expression, “Everyone, normally we are locked in constant strife and everyone would have your own life-preserving amulet but today, we might just die here. So everyone, stop hiding your life-preserving amulet, bring it out. All of us only have this once chance!”


Even though Huang Yueli didn’t witness it with her own eyes, she could roughly guess what happened in the Treasury.

She took quick light steps and brought Mo Yi back to the Valiant Martial Manor.

Today she had tormented some lowly dregs but what made her happiest was that she had personally executed corrective punishment on Crown Prince!

She had long been displeased with the Crown Prince. A hypocrite who considered himself to be a Casanova. If he were to bully her, she would not bother but he had even taken action against such a young child!

Thinking about the handsome looks on Li Moying, how cute could he had been when he was young? If she had such a adorable little baby, she would smile even in her dreams.

Huang Yueli thought about the original version of Li Moying and her lips curled up slightly. Even she had not noticed how gentle her smile was.

This kind of smile had been caught in Mo Yi’s eyes and he was surprised by it and took several glances at her, thinking whether he should open his mouth or not.

Huang Yueli caught his gazes and turned around to ask, “Brother Mo Yi, what did you want to say?”

Mo Yi replied, “Crown Prince and the rest will they really be buried alive in there?”

Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulders as she answered, “Surely it won’t be that tragic? Although that self-destruction mechanism had been activated, but I’d made some slight adjustments to it, so the speed of closing was slower by three times of the normal. In Imperial Tutor’s hands was the distribution map of the Royal Treasury’s mechanisms so if they were to grab hold of time, they should still be able to escape at the very last moment.”

Mo Yi responded, “I see, I had thought that. Third Miss you’re really intending to get rid of them all at one go!”

“I wanted to!” Huang Yueli apportioned her arms, “But unfortunately if the Crown Prince, Imperial Tutor and the others had all died, this matter would blow up. By then, I would have to leave the South Yue Kingdom.. now it’s just nice, I still need the Crown Prince to be my scapegoat!”

As she said that, her mouths led out an astute smile.

Mo Yi heard and hurried replied, “Third Miss, actually, you need not stay on in South Yue Kingdom. With your outstanding talent, if you were to wander and experience the world, it would be good as well. Your subordinate can bring you to the Sect to find my Master. With your innate gift and status as Master’s fiance, I’m sure you can successfully enter the Sect and learn even higher level skills..”