Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 58

Chapter 58 The Ridiculous Second Uncle
Chapter 58 The ridiculous Second Uncle

Bai Ruo Li, youyou wait!

Bai Ruo Qis finger trembled just as she remembered that she was in the presence of the Manor Lord. That she must maintain her virtuous and refined lady facade.

Fiercely she glared at Huang Yue Li before turning to Bai Liu Jing, tearfully: Daddy, you must seek justice for your daughter ah!

Bai Liu Jing saw that the moment Huang Yue Li stepped into the hall, she did not put him, her Second Uncle in her eyes. He was long angered by this.

Now watching as his most beloved daughter with such a swollen face, suffering from such wrongdoing he angrily slammed his hand on the table. The teacup and saucer were swept off the table and shattered onto the ground.

Huang Yue Li, kneel down for me!

Severely Bai Liu Jing ordered.

If it were the previous her, Bai Ruo Lis would have long caused her legs to soften in fear from his attitude, kneeling on the floor.

Unfortunately in the eyes of Huang Yue Li, this scene was far too amusing.

Laughing softly, she shook her head and said: Second Uncle, are you speaking to me?

Bai Liu Jing furiously replied: If I am not talking to you, who am I talking to? Hurry up and kneel down! Is this the proper manner for you to speak to an elder?

Calmly and tranquilly, Huang Yue Li replied: Second Uncle, you are saying I do not understand proper etiquette? Im afraid the one who is unclear about the situation is you? I am Region Princess whose title was personally bestowed by the Emperor. If we are to talk about status, I hold a higher title than you, a Marquis. It should be you who should be greeting me, no?


Bai Liu Jing did not expect Huang Yue Li to refuse. Stunned momentarily, his face turned ashen as he retorted: I am your elder! If I want you to kneel, then kneel! You dare to twist words and force logic?

Elder? I guess so. Second Uncle, as my elder you forcibly possessed the assets left behind by my mother and father for yourself. Such a kind-hearted elder, if others were to hear of this, they would most likely praise Second Uncle. They would say that you are someone who possesses good sentients and a good sense of justice right?


Bai Liu Jing was at a loss for words.

He did not imagine that Huang Yue Li would suddenly the mention the topic of family property! This matter was a guilty conscience of his. Many years have passed and Bai Ruo Li had never mentioned the matter!

The reason why he could take possession of the assets left behind by Bai Liu Feng was due Bai Ruo Lis young age and naiveness. He could bully her and forcibly take it away.

Later on, though she grew up, she suffered tremendously under the combined bullying of those in the Manor becoming cowardly and timid. Adding on the fact that she was good-for-nothing, no one put her words to heart. As time went on, she no longer dared to go against Bai Liu Jing.

What was with this girl?

Today, not only did her entire temperament change, every single one of her words hit a key point!

Ignoring the deathly gazes, Huang Yue Li went to find a chair to sit down on and poured herself a cup of tea.

Smilingly she spoke up: Speaking of which, as a Region Princess I can entire the Royal Palace at any time. When I was young, the Emperor and Empress Dowager would treat me quite well. So many years have passed since I last paid my respects. This is a bit unacceptable. I think I should find some time to enter the Royal Palace to visit my senior the Empress Dowager and inform her of how I have been spending my days.

When those words left her mouth, Bai Liu Jings heart jumped.

The matter of him suppressing Bai Ruo Li was naturally hidden from the Royal Palace.

The year that Bai Liu Feng became the number one expert in South Yue, was not only because of his numerous and brilliant military conquests. But because he had saved the Emperors life, numerous times!

Even though he had disappeared, the Emperor was someone who cherished old relationships and gave hundreds of benefits and leeways these years for the Manor. These were all because of friendship between him and Bai Liu Jing.

If the Royal Palace were to be informed that he had constantly been mistreating Bai Liu Jings only daughter these past years, he could possibly be angering the dragon!