Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 581

Chapter 581 In What Way Are You Inferior To Her?

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When she thought of this, Huang Yueli’s mood started to weigh down.

To have come to such a decision, it would be obvious how angry and disappointment Li Moying would be.

However, her heart already belonged to someone else and there was no way she would two-time the both of them so the consequence was to break his heart …

She must toughen up her mentality as it was better to cut short the suffering.

Both of them silently returned to the Valiant Martial Manor.

After a difficult day, the sky had now turned dark.

Everyone in the manor were waiting anxiously, terrified that something had happened to both of them, so upon their safe arrival, everyone finally let down their tensed emotions.

Huang Yueli first went to look upon the bedridden Cai Wei. Seeing her entire body full of multiple injuries, she sighed with emotions.

Although Cai Wei had an innate gift for cultivation and she had already taught her the cultivation method to do so, but Cai Wei didn’t pay much attention on her cultivation because she was still positioning herself as a role of a servant girl.

Perhaps it was because she had been a servant for such a long time so she was not able to assume her new role so quickly.

When Cai Wei saw Huang Yueli appear in front of her, she was extremely touched as she tried to get up to give a curtsey.

“Thi Third Miss, why have you come here? It’s very late now, please go back and rest!”

Huang Yueli pressed down on her shoulder and helped her get back on the bed. From her realm ring, she took out several bottles of medicinal pills and left it by her bedside.

“Your injuries are rather serious but luckily it’s only an external injury and had not hurt your meridians. Here are some bottles of third grade pills. Take some later and by tomorrow morning, you should feel much better.”

Cai Wei turned pale with fright, “Wh What? Third grade pills? How much money do these costs? Third Miss, your servant just needs to rest a few days and I’ll be much better. There’s no need to waste these pills, and what’s most these are high grade life-saving pills!”

“In what way are these high grade?” Huang Yueli replied disapprovingly.

After she had advanced to the Defensive Profound Realm, the Sky Phoenix Ring also advanced alongside and the pills and materials in it had advanced from second grade to third grade. So whatever third grade pills she had, she shared a little with Cai Wei which took no effort at all.

She thought for a moment and took out a bottle of Spirit Raising Pill.

This pill was something that she had brought out in the previous Thousand Treasure auction, and it had once attracted many practitioners to snatch up this. Even Bai Ruo Qi wanted it so badly that she was cheated of a small fortune out of it, and had almost ended up bankrupt.

But now, her realm ring was full of these Spirit Raising Pill and she had as much as she needed.

Huang Yueli put down the pills and said, “You don’t need to help me save on these pills. Your Young Mistress is no longer that small, pitiful girl of the past. These pills are nothing much. And you. stop treating yourself as a lowly serving girl! If you don’t wish to continue being bullied, then you need to strengthen up! I’ll leave these Spirit Raising Pills here for you. If you are not able to advance to at least the Qi Profound Realm fifth stage within three months, then don’t bother to come look for me again!”

Cai Wei’s eyes turned wide unbelievably, “Wh.What? Qi Profound Realm. f.fifth stage? How can that be possible? Your servant had just started cultivating and there are many things that I still don’t know. Second Miss who was a genius also spent around two years’ to reach the Qi Profound Realm fifth stage..”

Huang Yueli calmly replied, “Your innate gift is not much different from Bai Quo Qi! And the cultivation method that I had taught you is of much higher grade than hers! Besides that, with the effects of these Spirit Raising Pills, which you should have heard of before, what reason do you have to feel that you’re worse than her?”