Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 582

Chapter 582 Delivery

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Cai Wei did not dare to defy her order and could only lower her head to admit the fact silently. But in her heart, she was still feeling restless, unable to believe completely that she was able to successfully cultivate to the Qi Profound Realm fifth stage.

Huang Yueli didn’t speak anymore.

She had already come to this stage and however more she added on would be meaningless.

Cai Wei had never been confident enough and this was entirely her own problem. What Huang Yueli could do was to give her a little more pressure with the hope that during the process of her advancement, she would be able to gain her self-confidence.

Otherwise, just based on her cowardly outlook, it would be hard for her to become a real practitioner.

Cai Wei’s matter had also given Huang Yueli a reminder.

In this batch of servants that she recruited, although they were all loyal and had a certain level of cultivation gift, but they were still picked out from the bottom rung of the ladder and like Cai Wei, there were a number of them who lacked self-confidence.

Looked like it’s time to give all of them some pressure.

Moreover, just basing on this method of recruitment, it would be extremely tough so she would need to reconsider other methods to recruit subordinates with powerful potential.

Huang Yueli left from Cai Wei’s room, returned directly to her own bedroom and continued to go into Closed Door Cultivation.

She had just completed her breakthrough this morning and it was an entire realm of continuous breakthrough!

Although her power had greatly increased, it came along with several hidden damages as well.

Her breakthrough speed was too fast and the amount of time she spent at every single stage was extremely short, practically just a couple of breath’s time. With such a situation, her had absorbed a little too much Profound Energy into her body and the cultivation was not stable enough so it would easily cause Profound Energy to become chaotic.

Moreover, after her breakthrough, she had continuously struck out a couple of moves, which led to the Profound Energy in her body to encounter great fluctuations.

So after she had settled all the troubling matters, the first thing she wanted to do was to continue her Closed Door Cultivation to stabilise her cultivation.

And this round, there was no one who would come and disturb her peace.


In the quiet night, Mo Yi stood under a big tree not too far away and in his arms lay a white breasted falcon.

When the white breasted falcon saw him, it seemed very excited as it agitatedly rubbed against Mo Yi for half a day until his clothes had wrinkled up.

Mo Yi patiently pacified it for a while and tied a small bamboo tube on one of the white breasted falcon’s leg.

This white breasted falcon was their Sect’s commonly used mode of communication and within the bamboo tube laid a letter to be delivered.

Li Moying had left a few birds behind when he had stayed in the South Yue Kingdom.

Before he parted ways with Huang Yueli, he had repeatedly reminded Mo Yi to use the white breasted falcon to send letters and maintained contact with him.

Such an intelligent person like Mo Yi understood his meaning the minute he heard it. His Master.. wanted him to note down all that had revolved around Huang Yueli as soon as possible and send the reports to him!

Mo Yi sometimes could not believe that his Master was obviously a cool and calm character and he especially loved to use the cold and indifferent attitude towards women. But towards Third Miss, he seemed to have changed into a different person completely, turning into a piece of chewing gum.

His Master had retained his best bodyguard to stay beside Third Miss, the reason was not only to ensure her safely, but more importantly. was to gain better control over the Third Miss’s whereabouts and current situation?

Mo Yi was able to grasp Li Moying’s intention and he felt that.. today was the day where he must pen down a letter to Li Moying!

Third Miss had just returned to the South Yue Kingdom and had already met with so many scums who were not afraid of death and since they dare to come forward to create trouble for her, he must naturally inform his Master about this.

Most importantly, Huang Yueli had personally taught the Crown Prince a lesson on behalf of Li Moying!

If his Master were to find out. about this matter, he would definitely be ecstatic?