Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 584

Chapter 584 Peerless Beauty

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Just thinking about this made Li Moying’s chest filled with indescribable joy.

He had always thought this little thing did not put him in her heart and it had always been his own wishful thinking, going all out in hot pursuit.

Even though he looked his usual demeanour on the surface, with his resolute approach and overbearing manner, as though he had never encountered any setbacks, not showing any signs of backing off.

In reality, only he himself knew that every single time he was rejected by Huang Yueli, his heart. would feel very hurt.

No one would like the feeling of being rejected by the person whom they fancied.

But after he found out that Huang Yueli had helped him to vent his anger, Li Moying felt that all the setbacks he had encountered was all worth it!

Now, didn’t his little fox put him in her heart? Otherwise why would she took the initiative to care about how he felt?

Perhaps to the person she liked, there was just this tiny little bit of feeling. Although this tiny bit was not as much as how much he felt for her, but was that really a problem at all?

Practitioners with such innate gifts like them had long lives and in future, they would have a lot of time together to slowly nurture their feelings.

There would be a day where that tiny bit of like would grow to become many, many likes and to the extent of becoming love!

As long as he could get this little fox, what he had was plenty of patience and time!

Li Moying kept the letter away and took out another piece of paper, penning down a few words of reply.

His letter was very short, only indicating that everything was going on smoothly in the Sect and not too long later, he would be able to return to South Yue Kingdom. With that he changed the topic and hinted to Mo Yi that for future replies, it must be supplemented with Huang Yueli’s letter in her handwriting.

With that, he stuffed the letter back into the bamboo tube and hung it back onto the white breasted falcon’s leg.

“Go.” He said as he released the falcon into the sky with a wave of his hand.

Looking at the white breasted falcon spread its wings and skitter into the sky, Li Moying’s smile hanging on his lips had not vanished.

That little thing’s mouth was usually very rigid and had never given him any nice words but in the end when he wasn’t looking, she had defended him..

Looks like her usual rejections were.. just because she was shy?

“Senior Big Brother! So you were here!”

When Li Moying was daydreaming, a lady’s voice echoed from his back suddenly.

That voice was gentle and sweet, as though the gentlest water which was flowed outwards. Just from the melodious sound was enough to make out that the owner of the voice was a peerless beauty.

However, upon hearing the voice, Li Moying’s smile instantly grew smaller and the expression on his face gradually turned back to his usual frosty look.

From afar, a young lady dressed in a light purplish flowy dress slowly walked towards him.

She looked at most like she was seventeen or eighteen of age, her skin was as fair as snow with willow eyebrows, big eyes and delicate features without any flaws, almost like she just walked out from a painting!

Besides that, she carried a noble air of elegance and the sleeves on her robe fluttered from her slow movement as though an angel from heaven had descended onto earth.

Anyone who had seem her would involuntarily name her with a title “beauty”.

However, that was not the case for Li Moying. He could not even be bothered to cast her a glance. His cold thin lips parted and spat out two words coldly, “What’s up?”

A glint of disappointment flashed past the beauty’s eyes but she still tenderly replied, “Senior Brother, I heard that you have been at the Heaven Crate Valley holding on to your sword for the past ten hours! Even though time is tight, you should still take care of your body and forgoing food and sleep just to practice your skills..”