Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 587

Chapter 587 He Really Has A Fiancee?

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A loud shattering sound resounded!

The ceramic bowl was smashed onto the ground by him and instantly broke into several pieces whereas the soup in the bowl had spilled all over the ground!

“SeSenior Brother..”

Murong Fei was filled with disbelief as she stared at Li Moying blankly.

Wasn’t he just smiling just a moment ago? Didn’t that mean that he was satisfied with the soup she made? Why then, did he not only not drink, and he even pushed it away?

Murong Fei blinked her eyes as the rim of her eyes started to turn red.

For a popular lady who was held to the skies, she would usually be surrounded by many suitors who couldn’t wait to please her. If she were to cast them just one more glance, those talented youths would be ecstatic till they won’t be able to sleep.

However, such a popular lady like her only had eyes for Li Moying. She was willing to remain meek and subservient, to dirty her hands in the kitchen for him but yet he don’t seem to register this into his mind.

What Murong Fei was even more unable to accept was after Li Moying had ditched her aside, he coldly said, “I’m now in Closed Door Cultivation, who gave you the authority to come in and disturb me? In future, do not come in here again. I will break that person’s legs who dares to allow you in!”

Saying that, Li Moying didn’t even bother to cast her a glance and without a word, he started to meditate and very quickly, he entered the state of Anatta.

As Murong Fei looked at his indifferent back, a sliver of embitterment shot into her heart!

Something was wrong, very wrong!

Earlier when she had come to look for Li Moying, from the distance, she saw Li Moying holding on to a letter and as he was reading, he smiled brightly.

At that moment, she had thought her eyes were failing her.

Now that she recalled this scenario, Li Moying was probably really smiling and. he was smiling at that letter!

And Li Moying’s smile when she had lifted the lid of the soup bowl was probably due to remembering the contents of the letter and not because of the soup she made. It was her. showering affection on an uninterested party!

But who wrote that letter? Why did such an unfeeling person like Li Moying smile so gently after reading the letter?

Could it be that it was exactly like what Murong Ni mentioned, that Li Moying had found himself a fiance in that small South Yue Kingdom? And he was extremely gentle and caring, pampering her in all ways?

No, this was impossible.

How would Li Moying be easily ordered around and to accept the marriage arrangement?

Even if there was such a fiance, just based on Li Moying’s blunt character, how would he even smile just because of a letter from a woman?

No matter how many times Murong Fei had pondered about this, it seemed impossible. But in her heart, she still could not let it go.

She awkwardly left the Heaven Crate Valley where Li Moying was practicing his swordplay and she was unable to maintain that sweet, gentle smile on her face any further. That peerlessly beautiful face was filled with ice-cold chilly intent!

Murong Fei had immediately found her way to Murong Ni’s room, who was quietly recuperating inside.

Instead of showing care and concern for her sister’s injuries, she directly got straight to the point and started shooting out questions.

“Ni’er, what you said previously, was it all the truth? Senior Brother he. really has a fiance?”

Murong Ni had rarely seen Murong Fei acting in a loss of self-control and impatient manner and suddenly her heart shot a sliver of joy.

To tell the truth, in front of her elder sister whose innate gift and beauty had long surpassed herself, Murong Ni had never dared to display her interest in Li Moying. However deep down in her heart, she could also feel jealousy.

Both of them were the Sect Master’s daughters but she couldn’t beat Murong Fei in any segment, so. even the man she fancied had to be given up on a silver platter!