Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Truly Fallen For Her

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As Murong Fei continued listening, her heart grew with resentment and bewilderedness.

“What happened to Senior Brother? How could he allow such a shameless slut to stay beside his side and create havoc? Could it be that she was had a hold on Senior Brother, which allowed her to continue staying by his side?”

Murong Ni quickly added more oil to the raging fire when she saw Murong Fei displaying such anger.

“Elder sister, from my observation, Senior Brother seemed to really be infatuated by this little lass!”

“What? How can this be possible? Such an outstanding talent like Senior Brother has very high standards, so what would be see in this country bumpkin? You are still young, don’t be fooled by that shameless slut! She told you that Senior Brother is infatuated by her and you actually believe her?”

Murong Fei didn’t believe this because in the eyes of other daughters from the other Sects and herself held Li Moying in a godly status. If anyone of them was able to catch a glance from him, it would have been an extraordinary achievement.

This kind of man would definitely stand on the pinnacle of the entire Soaring Heavens Continent.

If he didn’t even choose Murong Fei, who had an outstanding talent and elegant demeanour among the other ladies, what more a country bumpkin?

There was no way she would ever believe these words!

Murong Ni hastily added, “Sigh, Elder sister, I didn’t want to believe this initially too! But you didn’t see the attitude that Senior Brother gave her, I can only say he listens to her every word. I couldn’t stand seeing her her unbridled manner and merely lashed out a few words and Senior Brother almost threw me out of the team! Moreover, Fifth Brother had already started greeting that lass as Sister-in-law and Senior Brother didn’t rebut him at all. Elder Sister, surely you understand what that means right?”

“What? Junior Brother Luo he. actually greeted her that?”

“How can it be not true? For a continuous ten over days, he went going ‘Sister-in-law’, ‘Sister-in-law’ non-stop and not only did Senior Brother not correct her, he smiled brightly every single time! Oh yes, Elder Sister, normally you’d seldom see Senior Brother smile right? But in front of that lass, not only did Senior Brother keep smiling, he also shamelessly followed her around everywhere!”

When Murong Fei heard such a descriptive narration, the look on her face changed entirely.

Earlier, it was just a look of fury but now it had congealed into seriousness.

If it was said that before this, Li Moying was rumoured to have several fiances, she would only feel anger, thinking that the idol in her heart had been dirtied by those shameless women.

But now when Murong Fei heard these, she felt a sense of crisis!

The term “Sister-in-law” was not something that could be used casually? With Li Moying’s character, if the other party had not obtained his consent and had linked any other women to his name, he would have flown into a rage long ago.

Moreover, Luo Jiyun was a valued talent in the Sect. He was an eighth grade talent and although he was much easy-going as compared to Li Moying, but this kind of talent would also have his own pride.

For him to use the term Sister in law, it could only be incited by Li Moying!

In this case, had Li Moying.. really taken a fancy to this country bumpkin who had popped out of nowhere?

But how could this be possible?

After so many years, could she have missed out that Li Moying’s interest. had actually been so different? To have a liking for a country bumpkin?

No matter how Murong Fei thought about it, she was unable to sort things out.

But she was very sure about one thing.

That was, since Li Moying had truly fallen for that lass, then.. it would get in her way of being together with Li Moying, a huge obstacle. So she absolutely must get rid of this lass!