Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 591

Chapter 591 Men Are Just Like Dogs

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A vicious glint flashed past in Murong Fei’s eyes.

She turned to face Murong Ni and asked, “So there’s such a thing? Then do you know what that little lass’s name is?”

Murong Ni recalled, “I think she’s. Yue Li? I heard Senior Brother kept addressing her as ‘Li’er’.”


Such an affectionate and ambiguous term, it was obvious that only a couple who were passionately in love would use such a name.

Murong Fei was totally unable to link such an addressing term to that cold and aloof Senior Brother of hers!

How would that term ever come out from Li Moying, that cold-like-ice person’s mouth? She could not even imagine what kind of situation that would had been!

Jealousy rose to its highest point as it filled up Murong Fei’s heart.

She could no longer bear to stay in Murong Ni’s room as she found an excuse and left in a hurry.

Murong Fei returned to her own courtyard and started pacing around in the garden. After pacing up and down for several rounds, her heart was still unable to quieten down.

She ordered her personal maid over, “Go, invite Senior Brother Zuo Fangping now!”

Very soon, a man dressed in navy blue robe walked in. He saw Murong Fei’s silhouette and immediately strode over.

“Junior Sister Murong, why are you looking for me?”

Murong Fei looked at him and let out a smile, “Senior Brother Zuo, recently I heard that you had successfully mastered the Profound Seven Arsenopyrite Strike, which is one of the most difficult profound skills in our Sect. Congratulations!”

Zuo Fangping was stunned momentarily.

Normally, Murong Fei was a very proud woman, and besides carefully trying to please Li Moying, towards the rest of them admirers, she always held an aloof attitude.

Now that his goddess was smiling at him, Zuo Fangping suddenly got excited.

Could it be that because he had mastered this upper level profound skill and had displayed his innate skill and power, so it made Murong Fei see him in a different light now?

“Thanks to Junior Sister for your compliments. I’ve been working hard and my luck was slightly better.” Zuo Fangping replied modestly but there was still a slight tinge of complacent on his expression.

The corners of Murong Fei’s lips were all smiles but the expression in her eyes was still frosty.

Zuo Fangping was a direct disciple of an Elder in the Sect and his innate gift and power was not comparable to Murong Fei, so at his current age of twenty four years old, he had just entered the fifth degree realm’s cultivation stage.

However, he was one of the most ardent pursuers of Murong Fei. Although Murong Fei scorned him quite a bit but normally she would not be so stingy and would occasionally give him a few smiles to get him hooked so that he could help her to do the dirty work.

As for now, the reason why she asked for Zuo Fangping was naturally because she had a motive.

Murong Fei conversed slightly with him before changing the topic.

“Senior Brother Zuo, there’s a matter which is very important to me. But the battle with West Sky Region is about to start anytime and I’m not allowed to leave the Sect now..”

Murong Fei just started off slightly and Zuo Fangping immediately agreed.

“Junior Sister, don’t worry. You don’t need to leave the Sect. If there’s any matter, I’ll handle it on your behalf and I guarantee that you’d be duly satisfied!”

Murong Fei’s lips curled upwards satisfactorily.

As expected, men were just like dogs. Once they see a beauty, in order to steal their hearts, the beauty would only need to occasionally let out a smile and a couple of praises and they would do anything for her.

Only Li Moying stood high up alone. Unlike the others, he did not win her favor but yet.. he occupied her mind every single day. She was determined to win his heart!