Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 593

Chapter 593 Summoned To The Palace

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Not only that, Mo Yi had also picked amongst them, few servants with high innate talent and perseverance to become the leader of the guards.

Huang Yue was extremely satisfied with this. No wonder he was the right hand men of Li Moying, no matter what he did, it was enough to make anyone relieved as his arrangement was very well-covered.

In actual fact, Huang Yueli had thought of teaching those servants in the manor herself but unfortunately, she had been busy cultivating and refining armaments so she simply had no time.

Mo Yi had done her a huge favour this time.

During this day, Huang Yueli had just completed her cultivation and barely stepped out of her room when she saw Cai Wei running into her courtyard in a flurry.

“Third Miss, Third Miss, something bad has happened!”

“What’s the matter?”

Cai Wei huffed and puffed, “The Palace there are many people from the palace, a lot of Golden Scaled Guards, saying saying that they are going to capture you and Sir Mo Yi into the palace. They said Crown Prince and Imperial Tutor pointed you two out, saying the robbery of the Royal Treasury had something to do with the both of you, and they want to punish you for the crime!”

When Huang Yueli heard this, not only did she not appeared flustered, she smiled and said, “Looks like Li Mojun and the rest are severely injured this time, so they could only get down their beds and fabricate accusations! Isn’t that simply miserable!”

She had expected this to happen sooner or later.

The day she had made the Royal Treasury collapse, it was because of the self-destruction mechanism which buried the entire Treasury beneath the ground. It was equivalent to losing the entire South Yue Kingdom’s capital.

For such a huge commotion to happen, how would the Emperor not raise the alarm?

Although it was peaceful in the Valiant Martial Manor during this entire time, the atmosphere outside had already been turned topsy-turvy.

Golden Scaled Guards were capturing people all over the kingdom in order to find the mastermind who had wrecked the Royal Treasury.

But, this was what she wanted! Only then could her next step of her plan materialise.

Huang Yueli’s smile grew deeper.

Cai Wei stamped her feet as she screeched, “Third Miss, how could you still smile at this time! What should we do now?”

Huang Yueli calmly replied, “Do nothing at all. Just make sure the main gate is shut tight closely and all off you continue to cultivate in the manor. I shall make a trip with Mo Yi to the Palace!”

“Huh? But. Third Miss, the Palace is filled with Golden Scaled Guards and the Imperial Tutor is also present! If you and Sir Mo Yi were to enter, if Crown Prince were to resort to underhanded methods to harm you, what should you do?”

“Harm me? He needs to have that potential to do so first!”

Huang Yueli didn’t even think anything of it.

The Palace’s Imperial Tutor and Emperor’s uncle’s cultivation were only at the fourth degree realm. Not to mention that Imperial Tutor had been injured by Mo Yi several days ago. Judging from that, his injuries should not have recovered fully yet.

Even if they were to combine their efforts together, they were still unable to defeat Mo Yi.

If they were to really enter the palace, the one who fall into bad luck would definitely not be Huang Yueli!

Under the worrying eyes of Cai Wei, Huang Yueli along with Mo Yi left the manor leisurely.

Outside the manor entrance stood a team of Golden Scaled Guards waiting.

Different from the usual bossy and domineering attitude, these Golden Scaled Guards had heard what happened in the Valiant Martial Manor on that day and no one dared to act rashly on Huang Yueli’s turf.

All of them stood upright, not daring to enter directly.

When they saw Huang Yueli coming out, they even bowed politely.

The lead commander got off his stead and went forward to politely ask, “Third Miss Bai, the emperor had a verbal edict to invite you and Master Mo Yi into the palace immediately. I will like to trouble you to follow me to enter the palace.”

Huang Yueli raised her brow as she replied, “Then lead the way.”