Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 594

Chapter 594 Shameless As Always

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Huang Yueli had not expected the Golden Scaled Guards to be so courteous along the way so she couldn’t get angry with them.

She wasn’t an unreasonable person so when others treated her with respect, she naturally won’t make things difficult for them.

Once they’ve entered the palace, she was brought quickly to the main hall.

From afar, she had already heard the Empress’s wailing and howling.

“Your Majesty, oh your Majesty, please seek justice for Mojun!! Mojun. He’s simply too pitiful!”

The Empress cried pitifully.

“My child the Crown Prince had his meridians severed by Li Moying that brat. He had been bedridden for such a long time and it was only after Xue’er finally reached home before he had recovered but we had never expected that he would be harmed by Bai Ruoli, that source of calamity!”

Following that was the Emperor’s voice.

“Enough! We still don’t know what is the truth yet! What’s more, since Mojun had just recovered, why didn’t he stay at home to recuperate? Instead why did he create trouble for Bai Ruoli, just what was he trying to do?”

“Your Majesty, Bai Ruoli definitely have something to do with Xue’er incident too…”

In the midst of the sobbing and shouting, Huang Yueli had already strode into the main hall.

Upon hearing the Empress’s words, she smiled slightly and cut into her words.

“Your Majesty, why am I not able to understand what you’re saying? What happened to the Seventh Princess? Why did you say.. it has something to do with me?”

Empress’s crying came to an end spontaneously, and as her eyes were locked dead on Huang Yueli as she spun around.

Gnashing her teeth, she hissed, “Bai Ruoli, you still dare to come here!”

Huang Yueli innocently blinked her big eyes as she replied, “Your Majesty, His Majesty summoned for me, how can I not come? And why don’t I dare to come? Earlier when I was at the door, I could hear Your Majesty claiming that I had harmed the Seventh Princess. Where did that come from?”

“You’re still pretending!”

Huang Yueli’s calm and composed attitude thoroughly infuriated the Empress.

Empress had never thought that this lass had the nerve to deal such a heavy blow to the country’s Crown Prince and the Princess and after everything had been brought to light and she had been captured to be condemned, she was showing an unafraid look!

And she still had the cheek to smile!

Empress was raging with fury as she swore in her heart that she would thoroughly torture this lass in order to seek revenge for her two children!

Empress retorted, “You dare to say Xue’er’s matter had nothing to do with you? I have already checked things out clearly. That day, Xue’er went to your Valiant Martial Manor hoping to reminisce about the past but in the end. the minute she came back, she turned into that manner! My Xue’er had treated you as her best friend and looked for you the minute she returned, but how about you? How did you treat her?”

Huang Yueli’s look turned chilly.

This empress was indeed as shameless as always, distorting the truth deliberately!

Li Xue’er had looked for her because she treated her like her best friend? There’s actually such a close female friend who deliberately interrupt other people’s advancement?

Her big eyes grew wide with exaggeration and a confused expression filled her face.

“What did she end up as? I really don’t know anything? That’s right, that day, Seventh Princess had indeed visited my manor but as I was in closed door cultivation, I didn’t have any time to receive her arrival. Seventh Princess probably treated me as her family so she didn’t stand on any ceremony. Not only did she stay at my manor for an entire day, she also taught my servants a lesson, and injured my personal maid. Besides that she also felt that my room needs to be renovated and helped me demolish it. Such a considerate way of thinking of my well-being!”

As her words came out of her mouth, Empress Dowager’s voice came echoing from the side.