Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 595

Chapter 595 What Happened To Seventh Princess?

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“What’s happening? What Li’er meant was. not only was Xue’er beating up people in the Valiant Martial Manor, she was also throwing things around? Outrageous, as a princess, what happened to her upbringing?”

Huang Yueli spun around and noticed that sitting right in the main hall were the Empress, the Emperor and Empress Dowager who were pulled along to preside over justice as well as the legendary Royal Uncle, whose cultivation was in the fourth degree realm!

Besides that, Imperial Tutor was seated right in front of the Emperor. Although he looked normal, but under Huang Yueli’s vicious glare, she could tell that his complexion was still swollen. Obviously the internal injuries within his body had yet to fully recover.

And right in front of the Imperial Tutor was a stretcher where Crown Prince Li Mojun laid. He was unable to sit up but he used his pair of bloodshot eyes to stare viciously at Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli heard the Empress Dowager speaking out for her so she turned around and gave her a curtsey.

This old lady Empress Dowager, although she was soft-hearted, but in totality, she was considered as a good person.

However when the Empress heard what she said, her rage rose rapidly.

“Xue’er is the princess of the Empress and since the servants in your manor did not treat her well, she helped you by lecturing them, what was wrong with that? Moreover, it is your honour to have the princess visiting your manor. You only care about your own cultivation and left her aside! In your eyes, do you even have any respect for the Royal family’s prestige!”

The corners of Huang Yueli’s lips moved coldly as she secretly laughy in her heart.

This Empress was already a grown woman but she’s still so nave to think that just based on the Royal Family’s prestige, it was enough to make one bow and bend their knees? Wasn’t she thinking way too much!

In Soaring Heavens Continent, the only way to earn other people’s respect was to use their own power!

Huang Yueli blinked as she replied, “Your Majesty, what you said is correct. Although Seventh Princess attacked the array that I had set up for my closed door cultivation, almost causing my advancement to fail but I didn’t haggle with her on this. After my advancement was successful, I had even sent her away courteously! At least, when she left the Valiant Martial Manor, she was still in one piece. But after she had left, I wouldn’t know what happened during my absence.”

The Empress retaliated, “In one piece? What a ‘in one piece’! What on earth did you do to Xue’er, that she she would appear in that manner at the palace gates?”

“That manner? What manner?” Huang Yueli asked innocently.

“With that bunch of guards, not wearing..” Empress was so infuriated that the words blurted out from her mouth!

“Shut your mouth! Empress, what nonsense are you sprouting!”

Emperor gave a hard cough to stop her from talking!

Empress suddenly realised that she had almost narrated that day’s situation!

Li Xue’er’s affair was the biggest scandal in the Royal Family in these past few years and if it were to leak out, she would be finished.

So the Emperor and Empress had been hiding this matter from everyone and even those Golden Scaled Guards whom had witnessed that day’s situation had all been secretly put to death!

Even the Crown Prince did not know that his own sister had such a scandal.

Empress quickly used her hand to cover her mouth, not daring to say a single word more.

However Huang Yueli unforgivingly continued her questioning, “Your Majesty, what happened to Seventh Princess? Please tell me! I cannot be maligned by anyone for nothing! Since you said I had harmed the Seventh Princess, then tell me what happened to her? Otherwise, won’t I be made a scapegoat for nothing!”


Empress really wanted to point her finger at her nose and give her a good scolding but yet she was unable to do so, just because Huang Yueli was right when she said the Empress did not say what had happened to the Seventh Princess yet claim that she had harmed her. Wasn’t this purely saying something without thinking?