Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 596

Chapter 596 Cant Be That Heaven Defying

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Empress was left dumbfounded and unable to reply. At last she responded, “When Xue’er returned from the Valiant Martial Manor, she was found to have both her arms broken and her face was burnt! As for her bodyguards, they had been beaten up and several of them had sustained severe injuries! You dare to say that this has nothing to do with you?”

Huang Yueli maintained her lost look.

“This I really don’t know! At that time, I was behind closed door cultivating for my advancement and Seventh Princess insisted on barging into the room. The result was that she hit against the Profound Energy that I had lost control over during my advancement. At that moment, she had indeed been pushed far away by the Profound Energy that was let loose and she felt quite heavily too. But how can you blame this on me? Besides after my advancement, Seventh Princess immediately went back and I didn’t even know she had broken her arms from the fall?”

When Empress Dowager heard these words, her expression turned darker.

She had not known about the scandal between Seventh Princess and the Golden Scaled Guards and had thought Li Xue’er was beaten up in the Valiant Martial Manor and mobilized her troops for a punitive expedition.

Upon hearing the entire matter, she took Huang Yueli’s side immediately.

“If what Li’er said was true then it would be Xue’er’s fault! To interrupt one when one was in the middle of advancement might lead to death. Xue’er didn’t manage to harm anyone but her luck was bad enough to have met with the impact of the Profound Energy and cause her own injury. Instead of feeling remorse, you still have the guts to come and complain to me?”

When the Empress heard what the Empress Dowager said, she secretly gritted her teeth.

The words that Empress Dowager had said was obviously blaming her for her lack of discipline!

How could Empress Dowager be so bias? It was this wretch who had continuously humiliate her Crown Prince and Seventh Princess, and also beaten them to such a devastating manner. It was all that wretch’s fault!

Suddenly her eyes glimmered as she subconsciously found a flaw to Huang Yueli’s answer.

“Your Highness, don’t be cheated by Bai Ruoli! How can you believe when she said she was in advancement? Who does know that at the peach blossom banquet one month ago, Bai Ruoli had just advanced to the Qi Profound Realm nine stage! How much time had passed since then? And she’s about to advance? Yet she still dare to claim that she had advanced successfully? Isn’t that a blatant lie?”

Empress stared at Huang Yueli, hoping to see her shocked and helpless expression after she had been exposed.

Unfortunately, Huang Yueli still maintain a composed expression except for a glint of ridicule flashing past her eyes.

“Your Majesty, do you think I’m lying?”

“Isn’t it obvious? You’re just fourteen years old and had already advanced to the second degree realm? Even if you’re a sixth grade talent, your cultivation speed can’t be that heaven-defying! Do you really think everyone lack the power of judgement? You actually dare to just say out without considering the consequences!”

“A frog in the well, this is also considered as heaven-defying?” Huang Yueli snickered icily.

In the huge Sects, there were plenty of fourteen year old in the second degree realm!

What’s more, they don’t even require sixth grade talent!

From a person in a small country at the border, it was no wonder that their knowledge was so short-sighted. And no wonder there were few outstanding experts within the country.

Empress had believed that she was lying and kept pressing on, “Stop your blatant lies! Since you’re so awesome and you claim that you’re not lying, then simple enough. Release your Profound Energy and let everyone take a look? If you don’t dare to. wuuu!!!”

Before Empress could finish her words, she felt a powerful Profound Energy rushing towards her. Her chest became tight and her expression turned pale white immediately, unable to say a single word!

She used her hand and pressed against her chest, unbelieving looking straight in front of her!

Huang Yueli had slightly unleashed the Profound Energy within her but as she didn’t want to expose her true power, she had only unleashed a power equivalent to the second degree realm first stage practitioner’s Profound Energy.