Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 597

Chapter 597 The Real Genius

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Empress’s cultivation was not high, only at second degree realm first level. Under the attack of Huang Yueli’s Profound Energy, she actually felt ill at ease as the qi and blood in her chest surged and she almost threw up blood.

Unbelievably, she glanced at Huang Yueli, “You. you really..”

The other people present, too displayed a shocked expression.

Emperor asked astonishing, “This is really. second degree realm practitioner’s qi! How is this possible? Li’er, you’ve really broken through to the second degree realm?”

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right. The day when Seventh Princess came over, I had just successfully broken through. Initially I was thinking that since Your Majesties are both my seniors, I should enter the palace to inform you of this happy occasion. But because Seventh Princess had almost interrupted my advancement, the Profound Energy within was unstable so during this entire duration, I had been cultivating in secrecy.”

Emperor and Empress Dowager crossed eyes and gave out a joyous expression.

“Fourteen years old and you’ve already broke through to the second degree realm! Even among sixth grade talents practitioners, this is very hard to find! Li’er is indeed Bai Liu Feng’s daughter, your talent is extraordinary!”

Empress Dowager added, “Li’er is really something! Your future is laid with boundless prospects and you’d definitely chase up to your father!”

Hearing the Emperor and Empress Dowager’s praises, Empress’s face had turned steely green!

Li Xue’er had been stripped of the Princess title and had been impounded in the isolated palace. Even the Empress was not given a chance to see her.

So what they knew was after Li Xue’er had went to find trouble with Huang Yueli, she had ended up in that state. But they did not know the actual events that had happened!

She had never thought that Huang Yueli had coincidentally just broke through to the second degree realm on that day?

The few of them felt something bad was going to happen.

Huang Yueli’s innate talent had originally surpassed Li Mojun and she had even taken a step forwards and broke through to the second degree realm! In this way, she had already left the Crown Prince behind. As for Li Xue’er and the others, they were far more inferior!

As her power grew larger, it would become more difficult to deal with her!

Originally their intent was to use this opportunity to force Huang Yueli into a dead end. Even if they were not able to give her a death sentence, at least they should be able to lock her in the prison and secretly deal with her.

But who would have expected that there was such a plot twist?

Such a talented young lady was a huge asset to the entire South Yue Kingdom. She was also the future hope for invigorating the country so Emperor would definitely not bear to sentence her heavily!

As expected, after Emperor and Empress Dowager had showered her with praises, the look they gave towards Huang Yueli had turned even more amiable.

“Li’er, I have now understood the situation that you had explained. Xue’er was indeed too much. The consequences of interrupting one’s advancement is very serious. It is normal that you are upset with her and as for her getting injured from the reserve impact of your Profound Energy, she can only blame herself for her own rashness.”

Empress could tell that the Emperor had no intention of pursuing the matter and hurriedly added, “Your Majesty, we have yet to investigate the true facts of this matter yet! Even if Xue’er was at fault in the first place, I am not blaming Bai Ruoli for hurting her. But she cannot do such things to Xue’er, isn’t that throwing our Royal Family’s face onto the ground to stomp?”

“This Li’er, don’t blame me for being calculative, but this matter, you absolutely must give me an explanation!” Emperor immediately became hesitant.

Huang Yueli maintained her innocent look.

“Your Majesties, you had mentioned this several times that I had harmed Li Xue’er! I really don’t know what’s going on? Can’t you make it any clearer?”