Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 598

Chapter 598 Done Something Shameless

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With this, Empress was once again held back.

That’s right, why did she forget again, if that shameless thing that happened to Li Xue’er were to spread out, the consequences would be dire! In future, who would dare to marry Li Xue’er?

Empress had been hoping that Li Xue’er would be able to join the big family in Sky Cloud City, find a good husband and help the Crown Prince add some points to his status!

However, she was not willing to let Huang Yueli off so easily.

Just as she was hesitating, Huang Yueli spoke out.

“Your Majesty, is there something that you cannot speak off? Or it is something difficult to say out? Otherwise shall we do it this way? Since you insist that I had harmed Seventh Princess, why not ask her out and have a confrontation directly! Otherwise, get her bodyguards! I have a straight foot and is not afraid of a crooked shoe!”

The Empress hesitated again.

Confrontation? How could she confront?

Ever since Li Xue’er got into that matter, she had always been locked up in the isolation palace and her emotions were obviously not stable. If they were to get her to the main hall, it was possible that the minute she opened her mouth, she would narrate everything out right away!

In this way, how was she going to maintain her reputation?

As for those bodyguards.. in order to hide the secret that Li Xue’er had lost has chastity, the Emperor and Empress had already ordered those men to death on that fateful day! Now where were they going to look for witness?

Empress looked at Huang Yueli’s expression that resembled a smile and yet not a smile and knew that she must be ridiculing her from the depths of her heart, and that angered her even further.

After half a day, she could only force this sentence out, “Xue’er.. ever since the day that Xue’er returned injured, she had been recuperating quietly. How can we let her come out and be agitated by you! As for those those bodyguards, all of them have their duties so how could we just ask them out from their official work, just like that?”

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but let out a sniggering sound.

“Your Majesty, isn’t what you said just too funny? Seventh Princess reported against me but don’t dare to come out to confront me! As for those bodyguards, they also don’t dare to come out and face me. Just based on this, you still dare to claim that you’re not slandering me? Otherwise, could it be that Li Xue’er had done something shameless and don’t dare to show her face?”

“Wh What something shameless? You. Don’t you dare to sprout words blindly?” Empress’s face turned pale white as she denied vehemently.

Huang Yueli retorted, “Since it’s nothing shameless, then why are you hemming and hawing? Since Empress Dowager is also here, why not just invite Seventh Princess here and let Empress Dowager to preside over justice for us!”

Empress Dowager frowned as she had long tire of their endless bickering.

At this moment, she immediately continued, “What Li’er said is correct! Empress, since you maintain what you had said, why not just ask the person involved to come out and tell the truth? I have heard that Xue’er’s skin was burnt. As a practitioner, she should have recovered after so many days of rest so go and ask her to come to the main hall.”

Saying that she turned her head and commanded, “Men, go and invite Seventh..”


Empress hastily stood up and stopped the eunuch who was preparing to send the order.

Empress Dowager felt something was amiss and the expression on her face sunk.

“Empress, what’s the meaning of this? Could it be that it was exactly as Li’er had said, you’re just slandering her?”

“That’s not true, your Highness. I. I..”

Empress did not know how to respond as she had scolded Huang Yueli a hundred thousand times in her heart!

This wretched lass, she was entirely filled with evil intentions. She knew that was not able to openly talk about Li Xue’er’s matter in public and had purposely dragged the Empress Dowager to partake in this!

This time, how was she going to get out of this situation?