Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 599

Chapter 599 Im Just A Pauper

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The Empress felt that she was treated unjustly!

This matter was obviously caused by Huang Yueli. Li Xue’er had said it herself that it was Huang Yueli who had fed her with the Abstinence Pill thus causing her to create such a scandal!

However, there was nothing the Empress could do about it as Li Xue’er could not come out to testify against her!

Not only was she not able to convict Huang Yueli of the crime, now it seemed that in the Empress Dowager’s eyes, she had intentionally set Huang Yueli up in order to frame her!

But whatever she had said was the entire truth!

Just as Empress was incomparably oppressed, Emperor’s voice rang across the hall.

“Forget it, Empress. This matter has now come to an end!”

After he said that to the Empress, he turned towards the Empress Dowager.

“Queen Mother, Empress only had one daughter Xue’er, and now that she’s injured, it is only natural that Empress is anxious about her. And it is true that Xue’er had indeed got injured at the Valiant Martial Manor, so it’s not considered as slander. However as Li’er did not do it on purpose, this matter let’s just let it pass! Li’er, what do you think?”

Emperor had been listening and thinking for quite some time. In actual fact, he did have his suspicions on Huang Yueli as well.

Li Xue’er was trapped so badly and as she had just stepped out of the Valiant Martial Manor, Huang Yueli was naturally the main suspect.

The only thing Emperor could not figure out was even if Huang Yueli had just advanced, she was only at the second degree realm first stage. Li Xue’er’s cultivation was much higher than hers, not to mention that she had brought along so many outstanding Golden Scaled Guards along.

Besides that, Huang Yueli had no reason to trick Li Xue’er?

In this case, there was a possibility that Li’er was being framed, perhaps.. Li Xue’er had offended someone in Sky Cloud City and that party had sent someone here to exact revenge?

Under the circumstances that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to pin the crime onto Huang Yueli, if Li Moying were to return in future, he would definitely fly into a rage. Even without Li Moying, just based on Huang Yueli’s innate gift alone, Emperor had not wanted to offend her too much.

More importantly, Li Xue’er and the men had paraded themselves ostentatiously about in town so this matter absolutely cannot be publicized. If word really got out, then the person who would lose out is Li Xue’er and the ones to make a spectacle of themselves would be the entire Royal Family!

Weighting the pros and cons, Emperor chose to keep the peace.

Empress unbelievably raised her head, “Your Majesty, how can we do that! Xue’er had been taken such a big disadvantage, we simply cannot let this little slut…”

“Shut your gap! I have already said let the matter rest! This was originally Xue’er’s fault. Must you bring up what she did until everyone finds out about it before you will let matters rest?”

Empress looked like she was stuck by lighting and lowered her head disappointedly.

Although the Emperor didn’t make it clear, seemingly hinting that it was Xue’er’s fault for seeking revenge at the Valiant Martial Manor.

But in the ears of the Empress, the Emperor was clearly warning her that Xue’er’s loss of chastity absolutely cannot be revealed!

Empress knew that the Emperor had to retain the reputation of the Royal Family and had chosen to forsake Li Xue’er.

Although she was both furious and anxious, but she could only accept this outcome.

Huang Yueli saw the Empress’s dejected look and smiling added, “Since that’s the case, I thank Your Majesty for pronouncing my innocence. Li’er is utmost grateful! But..”

“But what?” Emperor inquired.

Huang Yueli smiled as she claimed, “While Seventh Princess was visiting my manor, she had practically wrecked the walls and backyard. So my rooms over that area cannot be used for residence anymore! I’m just a pauper, where would I find money to fix my house? Initially I had intended to enter the palace to look for the Seventh Princess for compensation. Now using this opportunity, I would like to pay her a visit, and on the way. discuss with her about this!”