Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 602

Chapter 602 Main Mastermind Bai Ruoli

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Crown Prince needed a lot of resources if he wanted to cultivate hence he had set his sights long ago on the Royal Treasury and had been fishing money from the Treasury.

Including the huge debt that he had incurred from Thousand Treasures Pavilion, he had stolen a part of from the Treasury before he could clear it entirely.

Imperial Tutor was worried that Emperor would check in detail on the cause and effect, causing their plot to be discovered so he hadn’t dare to speak directly about the matter first.

His aim in appearing today was firstly to see Empress raising difficult issues regarding Li Xue’er’s injury and after Huang Yueli was forced to admit her guilt would he then use the situation to his advantage and talk about the Royal Treasury’s incident.

In this way, Emperor had already shown his rage regarding Li Xue’er’s matter and in his mind, he had already considered Huang Yueli as an evil person. So there was a huge possibility that he would not check out the details that had happened in the Royal Treasury and just directly sentence Huang Yueli in rage!

Although Imperial Tutor’s scheme was intricate, but he had never expected that the progression would be so unfavourable.

Firstly Huang Yueli managed to shut Empress’s mouth using Li Xue’er’s reputation as a stake as she had not dared to reveal the truth about that manner. From there, she managed to turn the situation around, not only just clearing her innocence, and in turn painting Li Xue’er as an evildoer, exposing her mean ways in front of everyone and as for herself. She had been turned into the world’s most innocent party who was bullied by everyone.

Next Huang Yueli had revealed her progression into second degree realm’s cultivation, causing the Emperor to see her in new light and not daring to pin a crime on her casually.

In this way, Imperial Tutor’s scheme had completely came to a standstill.

If things were to continue in this manner, Huang Yueli would then successfully get herself out of this crime and made Empress pay a huge compensation.

Imperial Tutor was no longer able to remain silent and fought to speak out first.

“Bai Ruoli, even if Seventh Princess’s injury was not caused directly by you! How about the matter that had happened in the Royal Treasury several days ago? How are you going to explain about that?”

Huang Yueli put on a blank look as she said, “Imperial Tutor Sir, I don’t understand what you mean? Why are all of you trying to make up some absurd stuff to slander me? What had happened in the Royal Treasury? And what does it have to do with me?”

“Stop denying!” Imperial Tutor sneered, “Several days ago, the bodyguard dressed in black beside you had broken into the Royal Treasury in big to steal the treasures in the Treasury. In the end I had discovered this and seeing that you were unable to escape, you emptied the Treasury clean and made the entire Royal Treasury collapse!”

“Now because of the both of you, all the spirit stones and magical beast cores have been buried underground and god knows how long we will need in order to get it all out! Our Royal Treasury is now completely empty! And the main mastermind is you Bai Ruoli!”

Imperial Tutor’s face was solemn and his tone was severe. As he spoke, he held his chest in an agitated manner and even his beard was sticking up.

When Emperor heard this, his hand trembled as he smashed the teacup onto the ground.

“What? Imperial Tutor, you are saying. the destruction of the Royal Treasury was done by Li’er? How can that be? Why would she go and steal from the Royal Treasury? And how was it possible that she could destroy the Royal Treasury?”

Imperial Tutor heaved a sign as his expression sunk.

“Your Majesty, several days ago after the Treasury was buried into the ground, you had questioned me a number of times and I had maintained my silence. That was because this entire matter was just too unimaginable. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had witnessed it personally, I wouldn’t believe it as well. And this reckless thief is actually Bai Ruoli!”