Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 603

Chapter 603 The Thief Calling Thief

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Emperor could not believe his ears and hurriedly questioned, “Imperial Tutor, what’s going on?”

Imperial Tutor shot Huang Yueli a glance and continued, “Yesterday while Crown Prince and I were making our way back to the palace, we saw a suspicious figure from afar. We were worried that this person was hatching evil plots so we followed him. We had never expected that his destination would be the Royal Treasury! Besides that, he also killed a few Golden Scaled Guards and sneakily smuggled into the Treasury.”

“Crown Prince and I immediately took chase and had an intense fight with him. Just as the thief was about to be taken down, Bai Ruoli appeared! Besides using sneaky moves, she also activated the mechanisms in the Treasury! We then realised that this thief was incited by Bai Ruoli to steal the items at the Royal Treasury!”

“Bai Ruoli realised that she was unable to defeat us and attempted to escape but we were hot on their tails. Out of sheer desperation, not knowing how she managed to do it but she actually activated the self-destruction mechanism! The few of us were almost buried alive inside and barely escaped by inches! However, all the treasures in the Treasury were all buried underground!”

As Imperial Tutor was depicting it, his expression was filled with grief and indignation.

“Your Majesty, you’ve always treated Third Miss Bai rather well but she actually repaid you in this manner! She actually did such sneaky things behind your back! Moreover, when she realised that she was unable to bear the responsibility, she actually buried all the treasures that our kingdom had accumulate over the few hundred years! This is simply wanting our kingdom to be destroyed!”

His words seemed devoted to righteousness that inspired reverence and momentarily, the Emperor was scared stiff.

Emperor’s eyes widened with shock as he raged, “Such a matter actually happened? No wonder when you and the Crown Prince escaped from the Treasury, both of you were heavily injured!”

Emperor turned around and interrogated Huang Yueli, “Bai Ruoli, what Imperial Tutor had said, is it true?”

A chilly glint flashed past Huang Yueli’s eyes.

Imperial Tutor was acting as a thief calling thief! They obviously lured Mo Yi to the Royal Treasury but had made it looked like he was there to steal!

Such a story was rather reasonable but unfortunately no matter how well the story flowed, in Huang Yueli’s eyes, it was full of loopholes!

Besides that, Huang Yueli already expected that Imperial Tutor and the Crown Prince had already been in cahoots with the guards at the Treasury. Otherwise how would they be able to freely debouch the Royal Treasury and even set up a trap to capture Mo Yi! Even a ghost would not believe this!

Originally, the Imperial Tutor and the Crown Prince had already been fixed by Huang Yueli to a terrible state and because she was busy with her cultivation so she didn’t have any time to hit them when they’re down.

But who would have expected that the Imperial Tutor had that much guts. Even after being fixed by her many times, he had not learnt his lesson and still dared to splash dirty water on her!

Since that’s the case, then don’t blame her for not standing on ceremony!

Just hope that the Imperial Tutor and the Crown Prince would not come crying and begging her!

Huang Yueli sniggered coldly and replied, “Imperial Tutor, please take responsibility for your words! That day, it was the Crown Prince who went to Thousand Treasure Pavilion to wreck my shop. Besides that he also took away more than ten boxes of goods! My bodyguard, Mo Yi went after them in order to retrieve back the goods which was why he followed the Crown Prince’s men all the way to the Royal Treasury!”

“The Crown Prince misused his status to buy things without paying, which had already raised eyebrows and the weirdest thing was he actually moved the stuff into the Royal Treasury! I found it strange on why the Crown Prince would head towards the Royal Treasury instead? This was South Yue Kingdom’s national Treasury and not Crown Prince, your private Treasury!”

When the Crown Prince heard these words, he wiggled around in the stretcher as though he was trying to get up, pointing his finger against her nose to scold her.