Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 605

Chapter 605 That Was Gifted To Me By Prince Yu Wang

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Imperial Tutor choked and as he lifted his head to look at the Emperor, he found his expression looking somewhat different, as though.. his suspicions had deepened.

Huang Yueli’s criticisms were simply too devastating.

Imperial Tutor knew Huang Yueli was full of tricks and had wanted to shoo her away quickly but after she had put it in that way, it looked like they were plotting a rebellion. He was extremely nervous that Huang Yueli would reveal the evidence!

At once, the Emperor said, “Li’er, what do you know exactly, don’t be afraid and tell me everything! With me here, no one would dare to threaten you!”

Imperial Tutor had outsmarted himself and as he felt nauseous in his heart, he had to continue bearing this feeling and swallowed back the words that he had wanted to rebuke Huang Yueli.

At this juncture, no matter what he said was wrong and would only been deemed as having a guilty conscious so he might as well let Huang Yueli continue speaking.

Imperial Tutor shot a ‘don’t be rash’ gaze to Crown Prince which stopped his rebuttal for now.

It was a bogus matter so what can Huang Yueli make up? By then, they would surely be able to find flaws in her conversation and would definitely be able to clear their names!

Huang Yueli turned towards the Emperor and continued, “Reporting to Your Majesty, each of us sticks to our own version so just cased on our testimony, it’s impossible to judge who is speaking the truth. But I have evidence.”

“What evidence?” Emperor inquired.

“That day when Crown Prince came to snatch goods from my store, the passer-bys nearby had all witnessed it with their eyes. And the surrounding shops were more or less affected by the commotion. If Your Majesty were to send someone to check, you’d definitely find out the answer!”

Emperor nodded and summoned a guard, “Go to Thousand Treasure Pavilion to check if what Li’er said was true.”

Imperial Tutor sneered, “This can be counted as evidence? Who knows if you had already colluded with the neighbouring businesses so as to let them be witnesses for you?”

Huang Yueli smiled indifferently, “Whether it’s collusion or not, His Majesty will be able to judge. Imperial Tutor’s words have no substance behind it so how accurate could that be?”

Imperial Tutor came to a standstill because he was perceived once again as though he held a guilty conscience! Whatever he said didn’t sound right!

However, besides Imperial Tutor, another person couldn’t figure it out.

Empress Dowager raised her eyebrow, “Li’er, it’s not that I don’t believe you. But the Crown Prince’s character had always been pretty good and he had never shown this kind of behaviour of forcibly occupying other people’s assets previously! Even if your Thousand Treasure Pavilion was the largest auction house in the kingdom, what motive did he had to risk the danger of being disdained by others and rob your store?”

Huang Yueli replied, “Your Highness, there’s something that you don’t know of. Two months ago, Crown Prince had once participated in Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s auction and successfully bided for a set of Profound Armor. However after he bided, he claimed that Thousand Treasure Pavilion was fraudulent and not only did he not pay up, he also prepared to snatch the set but luckily he was stopped by our guards. Subsequently, he got to know that Thousand Treasure Pavilion was gifted to me by Prince Yu Wang and as he had always harboured hard feelings, he came forward to seek revenge while Prince Yu Wang was not around!”

“Oh? Such a matter really happened?”

“Yes. Many people had participated in the auction, not only the royalties from our South Yue Kingdom, even the royalty from neighbouring countries had sent their men here to take part in it. This matter was widely known so Your Majesty can go ahead and sent someone to investigate!”

Emperor immediately sent another person out to investigate.

At this moment, even though the investigation had not been completed, but in the Emperor’s heart, he had already believed most of this.

No matter how much preparation Huang Yueli had, it was impossible for her to have bribed the neighbouring Royal Family!