Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 608

Chapter 608 The Crown Prince Deposed

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Emperor was already sure on this point as his expression turned green and clutching his chest, he stretched out his fingers and pointed at the Crown Prince, trembling non-stop and unable to speak!

“You.. you are an… unfilial son….”

The Crown Prince was frightened till his soul almost flew out of his body and explained repeatedly, “Imperial Father, I was not the one who activated the self-destruction mechanism, it’s not me! It was Bai Ruoli! It’s really her, it has nothing to do with me!”

However no matter how he explained, Emperor refused to believe him.

How could the Emperor ever believe that Huang Yueli was an Armament Master who’s potential had gone beyond his imagination and was able to easily crack all of the Royal Treasury’s mechanisms?

In his eyes, Huang Yueli was merely a fourteen year old young lady! She had also not exposed her innate gift as an Armament Master so who would even think of that possibility?

Besides that, the mechanisms in the Royal Treasury were personally set up by a seventh rank armament master when South Yue Kingdom was at its peak, and from then till now, several hundred years had passed.

Unless a eight rank armament master were to show up, then there would be a possibility that these mechanisms could be cracked! But why would this type of person. appear in South Yue Kingdom?

Therefore upon hearing his explanation, Emperor’s anger was not appeased, but instead grew!

“Enough, you’re such a pighead! How can you even come out with this lie! This only shows that you’re usually full of lies. I have been wrong about you all along and didn’t managed to realise that you have improper intentions!”

“No. it’s not true, I…I…”

The Crown Prince was unable to explain himself clearly and he had already used up all his energy as his entire meridians and acupoints were damaged. Under the psychological attack, he threw up a big mouthful of blood.

Imperial Tutor hastily explained, “Your Majesty, it didn’t happen in that way. What the Crown Prince said was true. That time when we were about to be defeated by Bai Ruoli and her bodyguard, she was the one who activated the mechanism in the Treasury, it really was her..”

Emperor sneered as he was completely disappointed by Imperial Tutor and the Crown Prince.

He spoke in a frosty tone, “Oh? It was Bai Ruoli? You meant that Bai Ruoli was able to fish out information from my mouth on how to activate the self-destruct mechanism, or are you trying to tell me that she is a eighth rank Armament Master? Which possibility do you think it is?”

“This. neither. I don’t get it as well, but..”

“That’s enough! Stop spouting nonsense! Your schemes have been completely exposed and you still dare to deny!”

The Emperor was brimming with anger, refusing to listen to any explanation.

He raised his hand and summoned the Golden Scaled Guards standing right by the main hall’s entrance.

“Men, bring the Crown Prince back to East Palace and put him under house arrest. Summon the Minister of Internal Affairs into the palace, I want to prepare an imperial edict to depose of the the Crown Prince!”

“What? Imperial Father, Imperial Father, I’m innocent!”

The Crown Prince tried his best to stand up but he was totally immovable.

The Golden Scaled Guards moved forward and easily subdued him before carrying him down.

“Stop! All of you stop!”

Empress stopped herself right in front of the Golden Scaled Guards but she was unable to block them so she turned around and fell below the Emperor’s feet, sobbing terribly.

“Your Majesty, you cannot do this to Mojun! Mojun he. he’s been framed by Bai Ruoli that little slut! This little slut has treacherous intent. What she’s doing is obviously to let Li Moying replace Mojun as the Crown Prince, so she set up a scheme to frame Mojun!”

Huang Yueli sniggered, “What a joke! With Moying’s innate gift and power, would he even bother about the South Yue Kingdom’s throne? Only people with weak powers like Li Mojun would view the the Crown Prince status as invaluable!”

“Bai Ruoli, you little slut!” Empress suddenly turned around and stared daggers at her!