Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 609

Chapter 609 Who Exactly Are You?

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The expression on Huang Yueli’s face was as indifferent as before.

“Your Majesty, you’re the motherly figure of the nation and is deemed as the role model for all the women in our nation. How could you act like a shrewd and say out such obscenities, which are simply not suitable for the ear. His Majesty’s face have all been lost by you!”

“Enough! Men, bring Empress back to her palace for her to calm down. If she’s not able to, then she don’t need to keep her role as the Empress anymore!”

Emperor looking at Empress chillingly as he spoke in a frosty tone.

In his heart, suspicions had already formed against the Empress.

The Crown Prince was born by Empress after all, so if the Crown Prince had evil intents, would the Empress totally be kept in the dark?

Before this incident, hadn’t Empress murdered Empress Ming in order to stabilise her own position and almost killed Li Moying as well?

Such an unscrupulous woman like her, would she really not have any inkling to this conspiracy at all?

The Empress unbelievably widened her eyes as she wailed, “Your Majesty, I. I really am innocent…”

She had never, in her wildest dream, expect the Emperor to not only depose Crown Prince but also have the intent to depose her title of Empress as well!

She tried her hardest and begged for mercy but was still dragged away by the Golden Scaled Guards.

Before her departure, her gaze stopped tenaciously on Huang Yueli as her heart was filled with grievance!

Both the Crown Prince and her position had always been well fortified and the Crown Prince had always been the number one talent, admired and praised by everyone in South Yue Kingdom!

The Crown Prince was about to marry the talented Consort and ascend the throne, things had been going along smoothly but the entire setup had been broken by Huang Yueli and Li Moying!

How did it end up like this? She was really not resigned at all!

But no matter how unresigned she felt, there was nothing she could do about it.

Huang Yueli’s gaze was icy cold and when their gazes met, she didn’t speak a word more. She had always been lazy to spend any time talking to losers! Pitiful people must have some hateful aspects! Especially for people like Empress, she was only courting trouble for herself!

Emperor watched as Empress departed and turned his gaze towards Imperial Tutor.

“Imperial Tutor, you’ve made me so disappointed!Since you had contributions to our South Yue Kingdom, I don’t want to excoriate you further! But from now onwards, choose either to retire in South Yue Kingdom and not dabble in court affairs in future, or. please kindly leave South Yue Kingdom!”

Emperor naturally knew that since they had already shed all pretences of cordiality, leaving the Imperial Tutor around would be a hidden threat in future.

But Imperial Tutor was after all a fourth degree realm expert and was someone who could be easily dealt with. If one was careless, not only were they not able to capture him, he might exact revenge in different ways in future.

To prevent him from doing something desperate after being cornered, Emperor could only banish him to end this matter.

But even so, Imperial Tutor was enraged!

“What? You dare to treat me in this manner? On what basis? Just because you are the Emperor, you think I’m really afraid of you?”

Outraged, Imperial Tutor snorted heavily and unleashed the Profound Energy in his body!

Intense pressure instantly surrounded every corner of the main hall!

Everyone present started to clutch their chests as they bent over.

Imperial Tutor’s lips curled into a chilling smile, a bunch of trash! They actually wanted him to leave South Yue Kingdom?

However, his smile congealed at the very next moment!

Because another jet of Profound Energy, more intense and purer than his came shooting towards him!

The Profound Energy that Imperial Tutor unleashed was forced back and it heavily impacted his meridians, agitating the Imperial Tutor to vomit out a mouthful of blood!

“You who exactly are you??”

Imperial Tutor gazed warily behind Huang Yueli.

That bodyguard who kept close to Huang Yueli kept his power hidden and was extremely respectful to her.