Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 610

Chapter 610 Banished Imperial Tutor

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But his power. was astonishing!

That day in the Royal Treasury, Imperial Tutor and the rest had thought that under the assistance of the mechanisms in the Treasury, they estimated that they would only need a quarter of an hour before they could take him down.

However, Mo Yi had persisted with them for several hours and with Huang Yueli’s aid, he had managed to defeat all of them!

Today had been the same. He had stayed behind Huang Yueli quietly, to the extent of being an invisible man, masking his existence from everyone.

But the minute he stuck, it had been so powerful that Imperial Tutor was not his opponent!

Mo Yi kept silent and after Imperial Tutor had vomited blood from his injury, he went back to his position behind Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli smiled indifferently, “Imperial Tutor, are you talking about Mo Yi? He. is merely a bodyguard!”

Merely a bodyguard…..

When everyone in the main hall heard that, they could not help but wipe the cold sweat off their foreheads!

To be able to put pressure on the Imperial Tutor easily, this quiet man must at least have reached a cultivation level of fifth degree realm!

Fifth degree realm experts were widely valued by everyone everywhere. Wasn’t Imperial Tutor, who was only at fourth degree realm, doing rather well in South Yue Kingdom becoming the number one important minister? If it was a fifth degree realm expert, things would be even more different!

Huang Yueli could actually find such a person to be her bodyguard? And for the other party to be so respectful, and it was respect right out from his heart…

How was she able to do it?

Huang Yueli didn’t bother to explain and only replied, “Imperial Tutor Sir, you have heard His Majesty’s words. I’d advise you to respect His Majesty’s decision and leave South Yue Kingdom on your own accord! Otherwise, I don’t mind letting my bodyguard to help you with it and send you off personally. However, he’s not someone gentle so by them, Imperial Tutor might not be feeling so happy!”

Not only unhappy, it would be simply asking for his life!

Imperial Tutor recalled that fateful day in the Royal Treasury. When Mo Yi struck out, he had tied so many of them into a rice dumpling and put Crown Prince into a gunnysack, dragging him all the way from his palace to the Treasury..

Imperial Tutor’s face turned green as his eyebrows twitched subconsciously.

Terrifying, too terrifying!

This wretched lass’s bodyguard had indeed gained some knowledge from her, as he was as sinister and cunning as she was!

Recalling to this point, Imperial Tutor had not dared to be rash.

He swept his sleeves heavily, “Alright, I will leave now! Today’s matter, I will keep it at the back of my mind! Even if you come begging me in future to return, that’s plain wishful thinking!”

Huang Yueli smiled sweetly and replied, “Don’t worry, no one will be that desperate, Imperial Tutor oops that’s not right, you’re no longer the Imperial Tutor. Old man, be careful on your way out. You’re so old already, so don’t blame it on me if you fall or bang anything on your way out.”

Imperial Tutor was already on his way out of the main hall but when he heard these words, his legs stumbled and he almost fell over.

He turned around and gave Huang Yueli a ferocious stare but didn’t dare to say anything and left dejectedly.

After this farce had ended, Huang Yueli didn’t want to stay any longer and immediately requested to leave.

In one day, Emperor had deposed of Crown Prince and Empress and banished the Imperial Tutor. This was the most shocking matter in the entire South Yue Kingdom! The palace had immediately turned disorderly.

On Huang Yueli and Mo Yi’s way out from the Royal Palace, they had already seen several chaotic scenes.

However, these had nothing to do with Huang Yueli.

She and Mo Yi headed back to Valiant Martial Manor and as expected, she received another gaze of worship from Mo Yi.