Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 611

Chapter 611 Bai Liu Fengs Clue

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“Third Miss, you’re indeed an outstanding intelligent person! When I saw the Crown Prince and Imperial Tutor today, I had thought that the matter in the Royal Treasury would be exposed and we would need to kill our way out. I never expect that with your words, not only did you foil Imperial Tutor’s plot, but also deposed the Crown Prince directly!”

Mo Yi’s praises had indeed came from his inner heart.

Before this, the most black-bellied and resourceful person he had ever seen was Li Moying!

In Mo Yi’s eyes, there was no woman who was worthy of his Master. At most, they could only try to stay within the range in terms of innate talent in cultivation. As for other aspects, they don’t even need to wish for it.

But as fact had proven itself, there were still women who were worthy of Li Moying.

Besides that, his Master’s sight was especially good. He had actually sought Huang Yueli, a talented young lady from such a small place such as South Yue Kingdom.

From Mo Yi’s view, no matter in which aspect, both of them were extremely compatible.

If there was something to pick about, it would be Huang Yueli’s looks because it could not match up against Li Moying. But not knowing if it was his misperception but he felt that these few days, Huang Yueli.. seemed to look much prettier than before..

Actually Mo Yi had not known about this. Huang Yueli’s looks were not born in this way but was due to the intensity of the Flame Spirit Physique, it not only suppressed her cultivation, it had also altered her looks.

With every advancement that Huang Yueli went through, her looks would also change.

Like a flower bud gradually extending its petals, slowly bit by bit, blossoming into an unmatched magnificence belonging to her alone.

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “That was just an appetizer, it was mainly because the few of them were too dumb! Brother Mo Yi, I’m going to feel embarrassed from your praises.”

Mo Yi laughingly shook his head and didn’t speak any further. But he had already decided that he must write Li Moying a letter today, to tell him about Huang Yueli’s performance.

He believed that his Master would be very interested to know what had happened!


After the Crown Prince had been deposed, there was an upheaval in the entire nation.

There were discussions amongst the people, making guesses that after Crown Prince’s loss of power, which Prince would replace him to become the new Crown Prince.

Li Moying was the hot favourite because his power was absurdly strong that the other Princes were not on the same ladder as him.

In many people’s eyes, he was inevitably the next choice for Crown Prince selection and as for Huang Yueli. Her status had naturally been raised to the future Crown Prince Consort!

At the present moment, people from all walks of life used different ways to link themselves to Huang Yueli and the number of people who were trying to fawn on her had increased so Valiant Martial Manor’s front yard was as busy as a marketplace.

Even so, Huang Yueli was unaffected since the beginning as she had already passed the entire matter to Cai Wei and Mo Yi to settle, while she had shut herself into closed door cultivation in the backyard.

Besides cultivating, she had also been pondering on the treasure that Bai Liu Feng had left for her.

The jade token that she had retrieved from the Blood Feather Silk Cage previously was the only clue.

On this particular day, Huang Yueli brought out the jade token and while she was about to carefully inspect it when Mo Yi coincidentally walked in.

When he saw the jade token in Huang Yueli’s hand from afar, Mo Yi let out an astonished expression.

Huang Yueli realised that something was wrong and asked puzzledly, “Brother Mo Yi, what’s wrong with you?”

Mo Yi pointed at the jade token and inquired, “Third Miss, you. why do you have that thing?”