Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Li Moying Met With Trouble?

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After Huang Yueli had obtained reliable news, she did a rough calculation. It was nearing the end of March and there was slightly more than a month before the start of enrolment of Celestial Light Academy.

From South Yue Kingdom to Sky Cloud City, the journey would take around a month or so.

So to speak, the latest time they need to travel to Sky Cloud City would be at most ten days later.

She needed to use these ten days of time efficiently.

Firstly, Huang Yueli still needed to further stabilise her cultivation and also to refine a large number of Profound Armaments, in case of a possible period of need.

After all, this trip to Sky Cloud City was one of the largest and prosperous cities among the South Sky Region and there were plentiful experts everywhere, unlike the small nation like South Yue Kingdom.

In South Yue Kingdom, Imperial Tutor just used his status as a fourth degree realm cultivator and he could already lord over the other people but in Sky Cloud City, fourth degree realm practitioners could only be considered as an ordinary cultivator. Only six degree realm practitioners were barely considered as top exponents while seven degree realm practitioners could also been found.

To be able to have the power to take root in Sky Cloud City, one must have at least an eighth degree realm practitioner as a base and those influential powerhouses have several eighth degree realm practitioners and sometimes even nine degree realm experts.

Therefore after entering Sky Cloud City, she must be extremely careful. So making preparations in advance was necessary.

Besides that, Huang Yueli also selected some servants who had a much higher innate talent than the rest. Along with Cai Wei, she let them to undergo special training under Mo Yi.

She had been preparing to bring these people along to Sky Cloud City so it was absolutely necessary for them to strengthen up.

What was worth mentioning was under Mo Yi’s spartan training and Huang Yueli’s endless supply of third grade pills, these servants managed to obtained a breakthrough within a short period of time.

Especially Cai Wei, she was already a Qi Profound Realm fourth level practitioner.

Ten days passed by quickly.

Huang Yueli settled the affairs in the manor and asked for Manager Sun of the Thousand Treasure Pavilion and after exhorting repeatedly, she prepared for her departure for the next morning.

However on this evening when Huang Yueli was still packing her luggage, Mo Yi hastily rushed in.

“Third Miss, Third Miss! Something bad had happened!”

Huang Yueli seldom saw Mo Yi so agitated and started to feel worried.

“Brother Mo Yi, calm down. Tell me slowly, what had happened?”

Mo Yi reported, “Earlier, Master sent a White breasted Falcon to deliver urgent news, saying he had met with some trouble in the Sect and wants all of the dispersed Shadow Guards to return immediately. It’s the first time I have received such an order so from the looks of it, Master must have met with a mountable problem!”

Huang Yueli’s brows creased when she heard that.

“How could this happen? There’s actually something which could stump Li Moying? Will he be in danger?”

Just thinking that Li Moying might have met with some intractable trouble, or even be in danger, Huang Yueli started to tense up.

Mo Yi was filled with worries as well but he didn’t want to let Huang Yueli worry too much.

“Third Miss, don’t worry. With Master’s capability, no one will be able to easily touch him! He should be able to successfully overcome those small matters. But in this way. I cannot disobey his commands and must return to the Sect immediately. My apologies, I had originally promised to send Third Miss to the Sky Cloud City.”

Huang Yueli replied, “Mine is just a small matter, just going on a trip and attending the entrance examinations, not to go for some expedition trial so I don’t need anyone to send me there. It’s better that you place your emphasis on Li Moying’s matter first!”