Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 615

Chapter 615 The Conspiracy Behind The Scenes

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After consideration, Huang Yueli didn’t feel at ease and said, “Do you want me to follow you back to the Sect? I feel ill at least. Furthermore, even though my cultivation cannot be matched against yours, but in terms of array formation or refinery of armaments, I have some academic attainments so perhaps I might come in handy?”

Mo Yi shook his head and refused vehemently.

“Third Miss, I appreciate your good intentions and I thank you on behalf of my Master. But Master had specially mentioned that he wishes for you to go for the entrance examinations in Sky Cloud City and not follow me back! Please don’t be offended but you’re the love of my Master’s life however your cultivation level is just too different. If anyone were to figure this out and use you to threaten Master instead, it would only make him divert his attention.. so it would be best if you stayed behind.”

Huang Yueli pursed her lips indignantly but what Mo Yi said was the truth and she could not deny it.

Her cultivation level is now at Defensive Profound Realm nine level and in combination with the Profound Armament in her hands, it was more than enough to deal with fourth degree realm practitioners. But for enemies to be able to pressurise Li Moying would obviously be practitioners with seven degree realm and above, which is clearly not on the same level as the current her.

So if she were to insist on following, then it would really create problem for Li Moying!

Hence she could only nod her head, “That’s fine as well. Please be careful on your trip. I have some Profound Armaments and hidden contraptions which I had refined, and pills as well. Do bring it along.”

Mo Yi hastily rejected, “How can I take these? Third Miss you’re already going to Sky Cloud City on your own, what if you meet with trouble on the way? Please keep these for yourselves! Don’t’ worry, Master would definitely not get into any trouble!”

Mo Yi had flatly declined for the longest time and eventually he only accepted some pills for emergency use. As for Profound Armaments, he rejected accepting it all the way.

Before dawn, Mo Yi had already left throughout the night.

Huang Yueli looked at his departing silhouette but her heart had already flown to a thousands of miles away.

She wondered how Li Moying was, to have issued an urgent order to recall all the Shadow Guards, he must be in exceptional danger!

Huang Yueli frowned and felt that her heart was empty. Not knowing why, she had a bad premonition, as if something bad. was about to happen.


In a Pavilion in the outskirts of South Yue Kingdom.

A gracefully poised, youthful jade-like beauty leaned against the parapet, looking afar.

Not long after, a man dressed in navy blue bodysuit made use of martial movements and dashed into the Pavilion.

The beauty hurriedly welcomed the man, “Senior Brother Zuo, how is it?”

Zuo Fangping let out a smile, “Junior Sister Murong is indeed spot on! After that Shadow Guard received your letter, he did not have any suspicions and thought Senior Brother Li had indeed gotten into trouble so he had already left for the Sect in the middle of the night!”

Murong Fei’s lips curled up into a chilly smile, “That’s great, just great! In this way, there are no top exponents beside Bai Ruoli that wretched lass?”

“That is indeed so.” Zuo Fangping nodded, “The guards and personal maid that Bai Ruoli brought along had terrible cultivation levels and only that Shadow Guard had exceptional cultivation. Now that he had left, Bai Ruoli is now at the mercy of others!”

Murong Fei agitatedly walked back and forth in the Pavilion as she couldn’t help but broke out into a wide smile.

“Things are going very smoothly! Senior Brother Zuo, it’s all thanks to your help. Now once Bai Ruoli leaves the kingdom, then you can take action!”

A murderous intent flashed past Murong Fei’s eyes.

Dared to snatch her man? This slut. was simply looking for death!