Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 616

Chapter 616 Dared To Fight With Her For Her Man?

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Zuo Fangping was puzzled and inquired, “Junior Sister Murong, Bai Ruoli is just a second degree realm practitioner and her power is exceptionally low, so to kill her takes no effort at all. I can help you kill her immediately, why should we wait till tomorrow?”

Murong Fei shook her head, “Senior Brother Zuo, there’s some things that you don’t know about things are not that simple. Anyway, please do as I say. Once the matter is done. You will have my utmost gratitude!”

Naturally there was some reason to not harm Huang Yueli in South Yue Kingdom.

As South Yue Kingdom was Li Moying’s hometown, so he would have planted spies who others don’t know about and if they left out a loophole, it would be easily figured out by him.

Even Murong Fei would not be able to take on Li Moying’s anger!

But there was no reason.. to let Zuo Fangping, the scapegoat know about these.

Saying that, Murong Fei’s pair of autumn watery eyes affixed onto Zuo Fangping, as her deep red cherry lips curled up slightly, revealing her teeth as she smiled.

“Thank you Senior Brother Zuo.”

That sweet soft vocal seemed like a strong whisky, making one intoxicated.

This was the first time Zuo Fangping had smiled so sweetly at him so he was exceptionally delighted as he felt dizzy, without a care for anything else.

“Don’t mention it, it’s my honour to be able to assist Junior Sister. I don’t need any thanks! If Junior Sister had uses for me, I’d already feel very happy!”

Looking at Zuo Fangping’s infatuated gaze, Murong Fei sneered secretly in her heart.

Such a foolish man, just one smile was enough to hook him, what was the point?

Only Li Moying, that icy cold frost, aloof arrogance but unexpectedly. strong, so strong that under one glance, one would tremble from head to toe! Only a man like this was compatible for her, Murong Fei!

And that wretched lass actually hoped to become Li Moying’s fiance?

The consequence of dared to fight for a man with her. could only be death!


On the second morning, Huang Yueli had woke up early as she prepared to set off.

She brought along Cai Wei onto the carriage and also brought along some servants who mounted the horses, following behind the carriage.

The carriage went along the official route ahead and set off towards the outskirts of the nation.

From afar, she could hear someone crying.

Huang Yueli lifted the curtains in the carriage and upon looking outwards, she saw some familiar figures!

Seventh Princess, Bai Ruo Qi and Imperial Tutor stood by the side of a carriage. On the other side was the Empress. As she was crying, she used her handkerchief to wipe her tears.

“Xue’er, who knows how long later will you return from your trip to Celestial Light Academy. Your mother is spending her every day like years in the palace and your royal brother had his meridians damaged for a second time. Even fifth grade pills are not able to repair his injuries. Not that he’s deposed from the Crown Prince title, he now spends his days in the palace like a dead person. As for your Imperial Father, he doesn’t even give a hoot about us..”

Li Xue’er held Empress’s hands as her eyes welled up with tears.

“Mother, don’t worry. After I get back to Sky Cloud City, I’ll definitely seek Master for help to see if he can cure Royal Brother! So both you and Royal Brother must not be disheartened! Don’t worry, it’s never too late to exact revenge! I heard that Bai Ruoli is going to Sky Cloud City as well to enrol for Celestial Light Academy. What kind of place is Sky Cloud City? It’s not a place for that wretched lass to throw her weight around. When we’re there, I have many ways to take care of her!”

The Empress wiped off her tears, “I can set my mind at ease hearing you say these!”