Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 618

Chapter 618 Stop Plastering Gold On Your Faces

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Huang Yueli’s lips curled slightly and swept Li Xue’er a glance.

That glance was filled with contempt and disdain and almost made Li Xue’er jump in anger.

Looking at Li Xue’er’s slightly flushed face, Huang Yueli continued, “Firstly, you’re no longer a princess so stop using ‘This Princess’ to address yourself every single time you open your mouth, which is simply scorning His Majesty’s authority..”

“You..” Li Xue’er suppressed her words.

Huang Yueli continued hurriedly, “Secondly, stop plastering gold on your faces. Why would I intentionally want to jeer you all? One, two, three and four, all four of you had been defeated by me, so why would I intentionally follow you? Do I even need to waste my energy?”

When she said these, not only Li Xue’er was upset, even Imperial Tutor and Empress were infuriated.

However, Huang Yueli had not finished talking, “Thirdly, I had no intention to bother about you all but each of you kept saying that you want to ‘take care’ of me when we reach Sky Cloud City, to teach me a lesson! I feel that based on these words alone, I have to come and show my face, otherwise you might be mistaken that I’m really afraid of you. How about this, I’m standing here right now. Whoever wants to teach me a lesson, you don’t need to wait till we reach Sky Cloud City. Come on and do it now!”

Her tone was light and the expression was tranquil and calm, as though she didn’t put these few people in her eyes.

The few of them present were raging with anger.

All of them were of great statue and had always been respected and worshipped by others, so when had they ever been subjected to such ridicule?

Moreover, the most infuriating thing was Huang Yueli was obviously despising them and yet they were unable to retaliate because they really couldn’t beat her. Even though they couldn’t wait to kill her on the spot, but none of them could do anything to Huang Yueli!

Amongst them, the most upset one was Imperial Tutor.

He was a fourth degree realm expert through and through and especially in the past two hundred years or so, he had always stayed in South Yue Kingdom and had been looked up at by everyone here.

In his eyes, Huang Yueli was just a younger generation youth and no matter how much innate talent she had, wasn’t she only in first degree realm? One finger of his was more than enough to crush her!

However, this second degree realm youth had tripped him head over heels several times and not only did he lose his reputation, he was also banished from South Yue Kingdom!

The most infuriating thing was Huang Yueli actually treated him as her defeated foe and the intonation she used with him was filled with contempt!

Imperial Tutor’s face turned steely green as he couldn’t help but clutched his fists.

The Profound Energy within his body was slightly uncontrollable and was gradually raging up, to a point of divulging outside his body!

Bai Ruo Qi was standing beside Imperial Tutor and when she felt the pressure that Imperial Tutor had unintentionally leaked out, her face turned pale and she took a few steps backwards, somewhat unable to hang on.

Li Xue’er had a shock as well and secretly tugged on Imperial Tutor’s sleeve. In a low voice, she told him, “Imperial Tutor Sir, you must not be rash! Don’t forget, although this Bai Ruoli is only in second degree realm, but she had a fifth degree realm bodyguard beside her! If you were to so something to her now, it is simply looking for trouble and will give her a chance to embarrass you later! Please absolutely bear with this for now!”

Imperial Tutor had originally lost his rationality and just almost struck out against Huang Yueli. But when he heard Li Xue’er’s words, he seemed to have awoken from shock and broke out in sweat.

He subconsciously turned to look at Huang Yueli and found that she was also staring at him.