Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 619

Chapter 619 A Heart Of A Thief But No Equivalent Guts

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Huang Yueli sat in quietly in solace inside her carriage and stared at him frostily. Her expression was as per normal, as though.. she was not affected at all by the Profound Energy that he had unleashed.

However, Li Xue’er and the Empress who were similarly second degree realm practitioners had already turned pale.

Imperial Tutor stared at Huang Yueli as a battle broke out in his mind.

Of course, he naturally hated Huang Yueli and wanted badly to exact immediate revenge but just as what Li Xue’er mentioned, the bodyguard beside Huang Yueli was just too powerful, someone who he cannot afford to rile up!

Imperial Tutor hesitated for a moment and gradually reclaimed his unleashed Profound Energy. With a steely green face, he snorted heavily.

Immediately after that, he turned around and headed back to his carriage.

Li Xue’er and Bai Ruo Qi looked at each other in the eye, nodded towards Empress and hurriedly made their ways to the carriage.

Even the Empress did not dare to continue staying here and hastily mounted her carriage, travelling towards the direction of the Capital.

Within a quarter of an hour, everyone seemed to have caught fire on their buttocks and ran away.

Huang Yueli suddenly felt dull and putting down the curtains, she waved her hand, “So disappointing, they left just like that? Earlier when I heard their overbearing tones, I had thought they really intended to rebel! Who knows that they are still hanging on to their usual way of bullying the weak. Really having a heart of a thief but no equivalent guts. Tsk tsk, not that I want to say them but their resolution is so weak. Being beaten up by me is just a small matter, I’m afraid that their way of cultivation would be affected somewhat.”

She knocked on the wall of the carriage, “Forget it, let’s be on our way as well.”

The carriage started on its way on the path again.

Cai Wei had been sitting in the corner of the carriage and once she saw Li Xue’er’s carriage disappearing in the line of sight, she patted her chest as she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Phew~~~ at last, at least we have shaken off Seventh Princess and the rest! Earlier I was really scared that Imperial Tutor almost struck! Luckily he still doesn’t know Brother Mo Yi had already left. If he knew, I’m afraid that we might have lost our lives earlier! That was simply too dangerous, too dangerous!”

Huang Yueli swept her a glance.

“What? You’re looking down on your Miss? Isn’t he just a fourth degree realm old man? What’s so great about that? Towards this kind of old fool, he’s still beneath your Miss!”

Cai Wei coughed drying and quickly added, “Yes yes yes, Miss you’re the number one talent in our South Yue Kingdom! Naturally you’re extremely powerful!”

She avoided the heavy topic and although on the surface she was praising Huang Yueli, but if one were to pay attention closely, one would be able to tell that she did not believe what Huang Yueli said one bit.

But it’s no wonder because in the eyes of a normal person, fourth degree realm practitioners were very powerful and Huang Yueli was just in second degree realm. For her to leapt two huge realms and challenge the famed Imperial Tutor? It’s simply daydreaming!

Huang Yueli casted Cai Wei a glance and although she knew she didn’t believe what she said, she didn’t explain further.

The carriage was speeding on the pathway for an entire day and night and besides stopping to make their meals, they didn’t make any additional delays.

It was until at night when the party had finally reached a small town.

Huang Yueli took out her map and said, “Let’s take a rest here today. According to the signs on the map, this should be the only town in the surrounding area that we can rest for the night. Out of this area, we will need to travel five hundred miles before we reach another village. Otherwise we will need to camp out in the wild.”

Cai Wei looked around and excitedly pointed towards the front.

“Third Miss, there seems to be an inn up ahead. I shall go and reserve a room now and let the inn receive us.”