Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 620

Chapter 620 Dont Think That I Dont Know

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Cai Wei went to the inn to book a room whereas Huang Yueli went window shopping around the small town.

This was a habit that she had built up from her past life. No matter where she visited, she would go for a tour first.

No one could be sure that in these remote little villages or towns, there wouldn’t be any rare speciality or materials. Many top quality materials in the Sky Emperor City were hyped up to rocket high prices whereas it could be easily purchased at a very low price at its place of origin.

This time, Huang Yueli’s luck had indeed been not bad.

Hidden in a corner of the bazaar at a little stall, she collected a fourth level fire-attribute material Fire Stone. Although this material’s level wasn’t too high, but it was extremely rare and to be able to sweep in so much stock at such a low price, it was unexpectedly surprising.

After she completed her shopping, she headed towards the inn that Cai Wei spoke about.

Who knew the minute she had just walked to the entrance, she already heard disputes.

“You how can you all do this? We were obviously the first to reach here! OOf course we need to abide the first come, first served rule! All of you. all of you are so unreasonable, when our Third Miss returns. she’ll teach you a lesson!”

Cai Wei’s voice contained traces of timidity but she still resolutely took her stand.

“Shut your gap, you’re just a lowly servant, what right do you have to speak to this Princess? And you dare to snatch the room from me? Still not going to get lost? Then don’t blame be for not showing mercy!” Li Xue’er lowered her chin as she said coldly.

At the same time, her Profound Energy was released from her body, instantly forcing Cai Wei to take several steps backwards.

“Bu But, I was the one who came first! And our Third Miss will be returning anytime..”

“So what if she returns? Will I be frightened off by her?” Li Xue’er’s intonation was filled with disdain, “Who does she think she is? She’s just hugging on the Prince Yu Wang’s leg! This Princess will repeat myself again, get lost quickly!”

“You. You..”

Cai Wei resolved not to give in.

A chilly frost formed in Li Xue’er’s eyes as she was prepared to strike.

Just at this moment, an icy cold voice reverberated from behind, “Stop!”

Following that, a jet of Profound Energy stronger than Li Xue’er’s came streaming from her back! This stream of Profound Energy was like a vortex, spiralling towards Li Xue’er as the surround air started to become scorching hot!

Li Xue’er’s expression suddenly turned pale!

She subconsciously stepped backwards in an attempt to avoid it! But the speed of this Profound Energy was simply too fast and she was not able to avoid it in time!

Just as Li Xue’er was about to be struck heavily, hanging by a thread, Imperial Tutor suddenly dodged and just by a step, moved from the door and stood in front of Li Xue’er, moving her behind him!

Huang Yueli’s Profound Energy shot against a fourth degree realm practitioner but it made Imperial Tutor creased his eyebrow only, and not causing much damage.

Imperial Tutor lifted his head and on his wrinkled face, there were obvious signs of rage!

“Bai Ruoli, you actually dared to strike against the Princess. How dare you not ignore the disparities and offend your superiors! What punishment do you think you deserve?”

Imperial Tutor unleashed the coercion power of fourth degree realm in an attempt to oppress Huang Yueli.

However, Huang Yueli’s face was filled with chilly sniggering, “We’re already out of the South Yue Kingdom so what Princess airs are you putting on? Your princess status is only equivalent to a village girl in the Sky Cloud City. What’s more, haven’t you already been depos…”

“Shut up!” Li Xue’er stepped out from Imperial Tutor’s behind.

“Bai Ruoli, don’t think that I don’t know, that fifth degree realm bodyguard didn’t accompany you this time!”