Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 621

Chapter 621 You Can All Scram

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“Without his protection, you’d better wise up and tuck away your tail!” Li Xue’er snapped.

Huang Yueli’s brows lifted after she heard what she said.

She was still thinking when these scums had met her earlier, they didn’t even dare to lift a finger against her so obviously they were frightened of her. But just a day had passed and Li Xue’er was now actively provoking her? The change was simply too sudden?

So the reason was because they realised that Mo Yi wasn’t around so they had thought. that she, Huang Yueli was a little lamb waiting to be sacrificed?

How naive and foolish was that!

Huang Yueli replied, “Oh? How did you know that Mo Yi did not follow me on this trip? Perhaps he had just left for a little moment and after a little while, he will meet up with me.”

Li Xue’er saw her composed look and let out a snigger.

“That’s enough, stop pretending! I’m very certain that bodyguard didn’t follow you here! Our carriage had been following behind you for the entire route and had not seen that black-robed bodyguard at all. What’s more, there were only two ladies in the carriage. As for that well-built man, surely he won’t squeeze into the carriage with you? As for your horses, they’re not bad as well. There wasn’t an extra horse so that all goes to show that there is no extra person!”

Huang Yueli blinked and showed some signs of surprise.

No wonder Li Xue’er was accepted as a Armament Master’s apprentice. Her intelligence was indeed much higher as compared to Bai Ruo Qi.

“You’re dead sure?” Huang Yueli smiled unperturbedly.

Li Xue’er retorted, “What? Still trying to put on a show to scare us off? I’m telling you, it’s impossible! Today there’s only one superior room left in this inn and you have to let us have it. Otherwise, don’t blame us for not impolite to you! Without that black-robed bodyguard, you don’t even have any second degree realm practitioners under you right? How are you going to deal with Imperial Tutor?”

Huang Yueli nodded when she heard her clear and logical explanation.

“Yes your analysis is correct! According to your thinking, I should indeed tuck my tail away and hide myself. Not only should I give up the toom to you, it would be best if I help to pay for your bills as well! After all, you have a fourth degree realm practitioner whom I cannot afford to offend!”

Li Xue’er lifted her chin as she said arrogantly, “Since you’re so tactful, we are not unreasonable people as well..”

“….unfortunately, I don’t know how ‘tactful’ is written! Besides that, unfortunately, I’m not a reasonable person!”

Huang Yueli swept them with a cold glance as the smile on her face had completely disappeared.

“You can all scram, this superior room. I want it! Innkeeper, this is the payment for tonight so give me the room key!”

She slammed an ingot of silver onto the table.

Initially, Huang Yueli was not so finicky and whether she stayed in the superior room or not, it wasn’t something she was too bothered with. But since Li Xue’er and gang had intentionally provoked her, thinking to fight with her, then she purposely would not give in!

She wasn’t the Holy Mother, so how could she let those who intentionally provoke her so many times off that easily?

Li Xue’er’s face turned green when she heard this.

“How dare you reject the proffered wine and ask for the punishment wine! Now that we’ve already left the South Yue Kingdom, even if you were to die in the middle of the journey, my Second Royal Brother would not know that we did it, and will not exact revenge for you! If you know what’s good for you, you better scram now! Innkeeper, this room belongs to us so give me the key now!”