Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 622

Chapter 622 Dont Be Discredited

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Saying that, Li Xue’er also smashed an ingot of silver onto the counter which let out a “bam” sound.

Both sides were ready to draw daggers and left the shopkeeper who was standing by side shivering.

The shopkeeper was an ordinary person and to him, even though the person was only a second degree realm practitioner, he didn’t dare to offend them. Now that there’s so many of them and they were really to fight it out, it had long left him turn green with fright.

Now that these young ladies were both powerful with exceptional looks, they had both slammed ingots of silver right before him and were staring at him with a pair of chilly eyes.

It was as though if he made a decision which did not match their wishes, they might just struck out against him!

Shopkeeper’s heart was already weeping, thinking that these ladies were too much. If they wanted to fight, why can’t they leave his little shop to settle this? He was only out to make a living, so who had he offended?

However, both sides were pressurizing him, with no intent to let him off.

Shopkeeper was filled with fear and trepidation as he assessed the situation and commented in a small voice.

“I say this young lady, although you’re a powerful practitioner too but the senior’s cultivation over there seem to be much higher than yours? You’re still young so why be discredited at this point of time? I shall pass the key over to them instead..”

These words were meant for Huang Yueli.

After all, on this end she was a second degree realm practitioner while on the other end, there seemed to be several second degree realm practitioners plus the existence of a fourth degree realm practitioner.

Wasn’t there a huge disparity between the two powers?

You could call him a wallflower but he was just an ordinary man and all he wanted was to protect his shop and his own life!

“You are much more reasonable than that little slut Bai Ruoli!”

Li Xue’er’s face broke out into a smile when she heard the shopkeeper said that.

She glanced at Huang Yueli delightfully and stretched out her hand to retrieve the key from the counter.

However just before her fingers could even feel the key, it was snatched away by someone.

Huang Yueli held out her hand and grabbed the key in her hand.

“You let go! That’s mine!”

Li Xue’er stretched out her hand to snatch but Huang Yueli’s fingers contracted and held the key in her palm. At the same time, a jet of scorching fire-attributed Profound Energy shot outwards!

Li Xue’er knew things were going astray and also performed her Profound Skill, attacking her.

Two gusts of Profound Energy smashed against each other within the shortest time possible and immediately a winner was borne.

Li Xue’er couldn’t match up against Huang Yueli’s perfected Profound Energy and was defeated instantly. Fire attributed Profound Energy pushed hard and struck onto Li Xue’er’s chest.


Li Xue’er let out a series of dull moaning as her body flew outwards uncontrollably!

“Seventh Princess!”


Bai Ruo Qi and Imperial Tutor cried out in shock and Imperial Tutor had on the first moment flew out to catch Li Xue’er’s falling figure.

He pushed Li Xue’er into Bai Ruo Qi’s arms and without stopped, he shot out a palm strike towards Huang Yueli’s chest!

“You little slut, it seems that you won’t shed tears till you see the coffin! How dare you hurt her in front of me! Do you really think I cannot do anything to you??”

Imperial Tutor was infuriated and display his ultimate Profound Skill Pentium Thunder Strike!

This Profound Skill was surly and overbearing, savage and rigid, and had been the ultimate skill that Imperial Tutor used to gain fame two hundred years ago!

Utilising one’s ultimate skill to deal with a second degree realm practitioner was originally an embarrassing matter.