Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Never Seen Anyone That Thick Skinned

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Imperial Tutor’s face flushed into a shade of red when Imperial Tutor heard what Bai Ruo Qi asked.

“Dealing with her naturally can be done. That wretched lass’s cultivation is far from mine! But she had several pieces of high level Profound Armaments with her. I’m guessing that Li Moying left it in her possession as a form of defence, so if we were to go up against her directly, not only will loss outweigh gains, it will also delay the time we have to rest.”

Hearing that, Bai Ruo Qi and Li Xue’er nodded their heads at the same time.

“This wretched lass had always been sinister. Although her cultivation was not high, but she brought along so many high level Profound Armaments, not even knowing if she is able to draw out the greatest force of the Profound Armaments! So weak and yet she brought so many treasures, she should be careful of being mugged!”

“Isn’t that right? Her own power is sparse and in terms of cultivation, she cannot even match me. She only knows how to hug Second Royal Brother’s thigh to gain status, I despise such people!”

Imperial Tutor heard their discussions and felt somewhat embarrassed.

Because only he knew the might that Huang Yueli unleashed seemed to carry a sense of someone who had once helmed everything in her hands and as for her Profound Energy, the purity level was universally shocking. Even Imperial Tutor who had cultivated for several hundred years felt far more inferior than her!

If Huang Yueli had not displayed her Profound Armament but directly accepted his strike, even Imperial Tutor could not tell who would have the upper hand.

However, these matter would definitely not spill out from his mouth.

Now that he was already been banished from South Yue Kingdom, he was already in dire straits, so he must never lost his face in front of Li Xue’er and Bai Ruoli, these two lasses. Otherwise he might really not have any way out.

After rounds of discussion, their angers were still not appeased.

Imperial Tutor said, “Just let this wretched lass count her lucky stars today. It’s impossible for her to on alert all the time. Now that we have confirmed that Shadow Guard is no longer by her side, then we will have plenty of chances on the route, so sooner or later, we will be able to find an opportunity to teach her a lesson!”

Li Xue’er nodded as her lips curled upwards evilly.

“That’s really great. She has so many high level Profound Armaments and it was obvious that she cannot retain it all. After we have dealt with her, we can make full use of it. That’s a windfall!”

“Yes, that flying dagger set earlier, I wonder which Armament Master had refined it. It looked simply mystical! We must put our hands on it!”

No matter what, night had fallen and even if they wanted to continue on their journey, it was not possible.

Li Xue’er and the rest could only choose to settle down in a standard guestroom.


In the superior room.

Huang Yueli was listening to Cai Wei’s depiction of Li Xue’er and the others’ evil ways and words.

“Third Miss, you didn’t see it with your own eyes! Seventh Princess and the rest have not given up yet and earlier they were still discussing downstairs that next time we meet on the route, they would find opportunities to teach you a lesson that you will never forget, and. and they even had their eyes on that set of flying daggers that you own, saying they would definitely lay their hands on it! That tone sounded like Third Miss, your Profound Armament was already in their possession.”

“Pui! Never seen anyone that thick-skinned before!”

Huang Yueli looked at her agitated look and found it amusing as she shook her head.

“Alright, alright, stop getting angry over such people. They can only daydream! If they have the ability, I would definitely..”

Saying that, Huang Yueli suddenly stopped talking.

Her heart leapt as she subconsciously gazed towards the main door and her eyebrow.. was slightly creased.