Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 625

Chapter 625 A Life Threatening Crisis

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Cai Wei was shocked by her abnormal look and hurriedly questioned, “Third Miss, Third Miss, what happened to you?”

Cai Wei stared at the entrance for a moment, suddenly got up and walking to the side of the door, she pulled it open.

The corridor outside the room was empty. She put her head out to take a look at the surroundings but didn’t see any suspicious figure.

Huang Yueli closed the door firmly and walked back to her original seat, her expression seemed to be lost in thought.

Cai Wei was frightened and quickly inquired again, “Third Miss, what’s the matter with you? Is there really someone outside the door?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “Nothing, perhaps I’m just too sensitive and had some misperception..”

However, after the candle flame extinguished, Huang Yueli laid on the bed and another weird feeling appeared, as though she was being spied on. But yet she was unable to pinpoint what was wrong.

She had been vigilant and didn’t sleep too deeply for the entire night. Until the next morning dawn, nothing had happened.

“Could it be that it was really my misperception?” She shook her head trying to sway the distracting thoughts away.

Early next morning, Huang Yueli led her men onto the route to continue their journey.

This time, she could clearly see that Li Xue’er’s carriage was following right behind them. The distance was not too near nor too far but no matter how they tried, they could not shake them off.

Huang Yueli knew what they had in their minds. She gauged that they were waiting for an opportunity to assassinate her and mug the Profound Armaments in her possession!

Towards this sort of thinking, Huang Yueli only found it amusing and didn’t put it on her mind.

The more worrying thing was the weird feeling that she encountered last night. Even though she couldn’t find the cause, but her many years of past experience told her that. there was a problem somewhere!

It was noon time when the carriage halted for a rest and under the shade of a tree, they stopped to groomed, ate and rest for a little while.

Cai Wei distributed the flat bread and ham that she had taken out from her bag.

Huang Yueli took a piece as well and was just about to deliver it to her mouth when her heart stopped at this very moment!

An indescribable fear arose from her heart!

She subconsciously turned around and at the same time, took out the powerful Thunder Flame Ball, three pieces in total, and threw it behind her back all at the same time!




Shocking crepitation could be heard and intense flames immediately arose, shooting out into the sky!

Amidst the flames, a sword tip suddenly appeared and with lightning fast speed, pierced towards Huang Yueli’s chest area!

This strike was extremely fast and it was a swift and fierce attack. The strike was wrapped in powerful Profound Energy and the surrounding air quivered by the movements, letting out an ear splitting sound of breaking the void space!

After Huang Yueli threw out the Thunder Flame Balls, the flying daggers followed next immediately and sword spells were consecutively launched!

At the same time, her body was rapidly retreating and using a touch of her toes, she displayed her footwork as she retreated far away!

She had displayed all her methods not to defeat the opponent but to delay the other party by a few breathes’ time, so that she could have the chance to escape!

The reason was because at the moment they crossed hands, she could clearly feel that the opponent this round was extremely strong and had already surpassed the boundary which she could handle!

She. had no chance of winning!

Not only that, the chances of escaping was extremely little!

At such a precarious moment, Huang Yueli’s inner heart still retained calmness.