Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 626

Chapter 626 Something You Deserved

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As the disparity between their cultivation levels were too huge, no matter how much effort she put into escaping, it was impossible to shake the opponent away!

Although Huang Yueli had taken action first, but it could only stop the other party momentarily. Using just this bit of time, there was no way she could run too far a distance away the disparity between their speed was too large. It would only take a short moment for the other party to chase up to her.

Therefore Huang Yueli’s line of sight had fallen onto the few carriages following behind them.

She squirmed her eyes and thought secretly: Who asked you to keep following me, even intending to scheme against me? Since trouble had come knocking on the door, for you to become my scapegoat is something you deserved!

Without stopping, she displayed her footworks and rushed towards the direction of Li Xue’er’s carriages.

The unforeseen event that Huang Yueli met here was extremely sudden.

Li Xue’er and the rest had seen it happening from afar but before they could react, in that one instance of lightning and firestone speed, Huang Yueli had already flew charging towards them.

It was until she appeared at the front of the carriage before the few of them made screeches of surprise.

Huang Yueli directly stepped onto the carriage’s roof and jumped ahead and at the same time while leaping into the air, she continuously threw out several hidden weapons!

The horses leading the carriages were in shock. One of the flying dagger which Huang Yueli threw out had stabbed deeply into the horses back and as the steed was in pain, it immediately raised its head, neighing non-stop and charged wildly towards the front!

The horse leading the carriage charged out directly, totally uncontrollable.

Those sitting in the carriage were already scared stiff.

Li Xue’er shouted, “Stop the carriage! Quickly stop the carriage! Why are these horses running around wildly? Why are their speed getting faster and faster? Quickly stop otherwise the carriage will overturn!”

The coachman convulsed with fear as he replied in a quavering voice, “Your Highness. St. unable to stop these horses seem to have gone mad, and and. we are going to smash against something!”

Bai Ruo Qi was tumbled into confusion.

Imperial Tutor immediately stood up from his seat and tried to use Profound Energy to suppress the horses’ movements.

But it was all in vain.

Just within a few breathes time, the few carriages were smashing right towards Huang Yueli’s killer, Zuo Fangping!

Zuo Fangping had been concealing himself and he finally found the best opportunity yesterday.

In this desolate area outside the city, no one would notice if a few people had died.

The most amazing thing was as Imperial Tutor and several others were present, he only needed to kill everyone there and made it look like both parties had got into a conflict and ended up in mutual destruction. So even if Li Moying managed to find his way here, he could only accept this conclusion would not suspect him.

Zuo Fangping waited for Huang Yueli to stop and rest and put his greatest effort into this attack!

Originally he was one hundred percent sure that Huang Yueli would definitely die on the spot, not even able to make a cry for help, under that one strike of his!

After all, the disparity between second and fifth degree realm was too huge. Moreover, he dealt her with a secret hand and caught her unprepared!

However, reality seemed to be topsy-turvy from Zuo Fangping’s imagination!

He was just preparing to go near Huang Yueli and while concealing his presence, prepared himself for an opportunity to attack. But this young lady seemed to have noticed something and opened her eyes abruptly.

Zuo Fangping knew something was amiss and immediately chose to strike first!

However, this lass’s reaction was faster by one hundred times of what he could imagine!

It only took a blink of an eye where she had continuously threw out countless Profound Armaments, especially that powerful Thunder Flame Ball, directly onto his face!